In this podcast, I will go over the most important list any business can have in this 2018 world. Facebook Messenger continues conquering the world and it will only continue to evolve. This applies to any e-commerce or Amazon seller and to any brick and mortar stores. Learn the strategies that work today to get your Facebook messenger flooded.
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The Money is in the List – The Freebie Strategy

Podcast Transcription

Alright! So, welcome to the Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast once again. I’m actually doing something completely new in this ever changing fast-paced world. If you guys are not yet following me around on social media, I have a lot of stuff going on. I’m all over the place right now. I’m posting things every single day on Instagram, on my own blog, with a lot of valuable stuff that people are going to appreciate and going to like. I’m doing things on my Facebook Page, on my profile, posting videos on YouTube, on Linkedin. Guys, I’m going all over the place trying to make sure that I provide as much value as possible.

Here today, I’m actually recording a podcast. I’m going to be pumping out more consistently now. It’s been a while. I got really busy with a bunch of different things that were going on the course launch, the course students, the seminars, travelling all over the world, helping people and staying really, really busy which is what drives me everyday. I know that when I go out there and work, I can help people and they get better and they improve their lives and that’s what drives me every single day and I’m excited about it, and I’m going to keep on doing it to the end of the world.

Throughout the last couple of days, I have been obsessed about setting up my studio. If you guys want to check it out a little bit more, you guys can, if you’re listening to this on a podcast, from now on, whenever I go live, I’m also going to be going live on my Facebook Page, Manuel Suarez. You should check that out. If you haven’t followed it yet, you can go to or just go to and search for the Ninja Marketer or Manuel Suarez and you’re going to find my page around and you’re going to see all the different things that I’m posting in there. I’m really on a mission guys. I’m really on a mission to help and to create a massive, massive impact, influence the lives of a lot of people. And, I know that this incredible tsunami of opportunities is only going to get better from now on and we’re going to keep on finding opportunities that we’re going to use them to be able to build more dreams.

You know, when you go to retirement homes and you talk to all people, 80 years old, 90 years old, you usually get one common denominator across every single conversation and it’s a lot of regret. Not of the things that they actually did but on the things that they never did that they have wished they could have done. They didn’t build a business they wanted to build. They didn’t buy their retirement home. They weren’t able to provide for their family. So, all those things. And, I’ve made it a personal mission of mine to empower people so they can actually go ahead and accomplish those dreams and goals. So, I am busy delivering a course which you guys know is called the Facebook Masters if you’ve been following it or if you are part of the actual course itself which is an amazing road map that takes people step by step through this incredible era of communication age right in which we can communicate to the world and build businesses all over the place.

I’m in my studio right now. Again, if you want to see my face, I don’t know, I don’t have the prettiest face, but if you want to see me talking, I’m going to be on camera everytime as much as possible when I do podcast as long as I’m here. I have a better set up, I have a good audio, better recording systems and it’s just going to provide more value to you guys. So, if you guys want to listen to this, you can jump over to the Facebook Page and this particular one is going to be posted right there. Basically, it’s just going to be me. If you guys are looking at this video right here, this screen right here, this is actually a wall that was turned this week into a whiteboard. And, on this screen, I do my classes and I teach people the different things, different strategies, the funnels, customer journeys, things that are working out, the bullet points of my presentations, I’m going to be using a lot of that and we use some special markers that are meant to write on walls like these and is going to look awesome. So, you guys can get more of a reality as to what we’re doing and what’s on my mind and how I can help you guys just basically get more out of what I’m talking about.

Today, on this podcast, I want to talk a little bit about the most important method of capturing attention in this 2018 era and that subject is a subject of what has been known to be called freebies. Meaning, those things that you give away in exchange for nothing. You know, another term for that is a lead magnet, lead generation strategies, things that you can use to capture identities. Now, as far as I can recall guys, because I’ve been on the marketing landscape for about, I’m going to say about 5 years now, deep into it, obsessed about it. Pretty much started in 2013. I started learning about it in 2014. Towards the end of it, I’ve got obsessed about it and then I haven’t stopped being obsessed ever since. Something that’s one of my traits and my personality, once I like something, once I get passionate, I just don’t drop it. That stays with me forever, right? Okay, good. So now, you can actually use me to get some value out of that obsession.

But, ever since I’ve been working on this marketing landscape, there’s one thing that all marketers talk about which is the money is in the list. Meaning that people have for years, for a long time, they have said that if you have a big list, then, only if you have a big list, then you can survive and have a business. Now, the first few years of my business career as I was actually helping people out and doing Facebook Marketing and doing Amazon accounts and building some cool businesses for the first few years, there’s something about it that didn’t quite make sense. Because when they said the money is in the list, and then I looked at, hmmm, what do you mean the money is in the list? My dad has a hundred thousand emails and we don’t make the money there. We make the money on Facebook Ads. We make the money on sending people to our shops, into our websites, not to our list. It’s actually like something that it didn’t quite make sense to me.

Also, for example, those of you guys that are Amazon entrepreneurs that are on the Amazon platform, you know that the money is not in the list. Why? Because you don’t get access to a list. You don’t have that information, you don’t have an email address. You usually have a phone number, not anymore. So right now, as an Amazon entrepreneur, you have a name and a physical address. Good luck trying to send out postcards and trying to get business from that. So, you don’t really have a list per se. So for me, it was one of those datems that collided and I didn’t quite understood how to utilize that and it wasn’t the truth for me. The money was not in the list for me. The money was getting really good in Facebook Ads, becoming a master in capturing attention on the social media platforms utilizing to the best of my abilities, the best of my power, the existing communication channels that we have today – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – those ones were my obsession. Along the way, other platforms came and went. Pinterest is still around. It’s not something that I ever got obsessed about. I do believe in its power. Snapchat, it’s not basically the product that we all have come to know with Facebook and other platforms.

So, I’ve got obsessed with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, not with building list. Now, fast forward to 2017. Somewhere towards the beginning of the year I started observing a new phenomenon going on in the society. WhatsApp was taking over communication. Messenger, Facebook Messenger was exploding. It was generating a lot of attention. People were using Facebook Messenger like crazy, nonstop for communicating. Some people were not even texting anymore and they were just Facebook Messenger-ing. So, that’s what opened up my eyes because when I looked at one of the biggest platforms in the planet, the other one that’s really big in India which is WeChat, and also, it’s really big in China, I believe in other places, and it was incredible how messaging apps were actually becoming the new modern communication platform in this planet.

So, people were all communicating through Messenger channels nonstop and that opened up the eyes for me, my eyes, wide. And that’s when I was looking at, wait a second, hmm, is this the future? And I realized, absolutely! It is the future. Messenger communications, Messenger platforms, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram Direct Message, DM, those platforms were becoming the future. I can tell you for example that we have only just begun the evolution in this world when it comes to communications on these platforms. Any day now, Instagram has been slowly but surely empowering Instagram DM, slowly but surely. At some point in the coming year or in the coming year and a half, not too far away from now, the Messenger platform on Instagram is going to separate from Instagram. And now, we’re going to have a stand-alone app called DM, Instagram DM.

So, these platforms are taking over communication on this planet. Meaning that if you want to build relationships with people, with customers, get your brand front and center, you have no choice but to find a way to be involved in this powerful Messenger communication channels because these channels are going to mean the difference between a thriving business and a business that is going down. I’ve seen it nonstop. I mean, throughout the last year and a half, ever since I’ve dove into it. To give you an example, my dad had accumulated 300,000+ something emails, close to 400,000 emails over the last 18 years and those emails open up their messages at 8 or 10%. It’s something preposterous, horrible. So if I send an email to 100,000 people, if I am lucky, I get 8-10,000 people to open up that message. And the other 90,000 people don’t even know what I did.

So, is the money in the list? Not in that list and this is happening across the boards. Let me tell you where there’s a slight difference. Entrepreneurs can continue to communicate to entrepreneurs on email because entrepreneurs are still using their emails. But, consumers in general, people that are product purchasers, people that are into services but they are just employees which is the most of the planet, a great majority of them, they are not checking their emails like they’ve used to. They’re not into it anymore. So, this is something you can see not based on an opinion. It’s not what I think. It’s not something that I’m telling you that it’s just a whim that I’m saying like, “Hey, I think that Messenger Marketing is going to be the future.” Guys, Messenger Marketing is becoming the future. So now, in the last year and a half, aside from becoming the future, it has become the present time, I am building businesses in present time using the Messenger channel. For ecommerce, for brick and mortar, for people that are looking for traffic to their stores, all over the place, this is the one single biggest opportunity in this modern era today. So, I am now back in the viewpoint of the money is in the list.

I understand now how when somebody came out with the saying having a big list was a big deal. But now, having a big list has become less and less important throughout the last couple of years until Messenger came into existence because of the email open phenomenon. It’s back in power again. If you have a Messenger list that is powerful and big, you can conquer the world. To give you an example of how dramatic this is, 300,000 emails in 18 years. In one year, I have gathered 652,000 Messenger subscribers as of today on my dad’s MetabolismoTV Messenger channel. You guys can go check it out and see what I do over there if you speak Spanish of course. There’s other people that I help like Dr. Berg who has a massive channel also in Messenger with hundreds of thousands of people and that’s in English. You can also check that out.  

Think of Messenger Marketing as Email Marketing on steroids. That’s basically what it is. It has the ability to communicate to people in a more effective way, in a more intrusive way and it connects with them way more. When I send out  a message to a hundred thousand people, instead of 8,000 people that open it, we actually get 90,000 people to open up those messages. So, it’s email marketing but on steroids, on powerful illegal steroids. That’s basically what it is. So, you have to pay attention because for the next couple of years, the world is going to the  direction of robots on Messenger that could communicate with people. They also call them bots and direct communication to these people through the Messenger platforms. WhatsApp is coming. It’s going to give us more opportunities for that. Instagram DM is coming. You want to be able to be at the front of this particular evolution. Because if you are, you are going to be able to maximize those channels and get a lot out of it.

So, what’s my point? Well, let me tell you what’s working right now and this is what I’m going to call this episode. I am calling this podcast the Freebie Strategy, okay? The Freebie a.k.a. lead magnet. You as a brand, as a business, you have to figure out how you’re going to pull people in. And, through ages we have been pulling people in to something that provides value. To give you an example, my dad has gathered 400,000 emails using something called the Metabolism Test in which he tells people how bad their metabolism is. What percentage is it operating at currently? If you answer several indicators, then you’re going to get a response that says something like your metabolism is operating at 40%. You’re going to get something like that. If you for example have a, there are many things that you can do, right? Dr. Berg does something called a body type test in which it tells people how to find out what is the correct body type for them. Meaning that what food they should eat? What supplements they should take based on a test.  

I’m using something quite different right now. For example, if you wanted to learn how to do Facebook Ads, I have a new mini-course which is a free mini-course recorded professionally that teaches anybody what is the power of using Facebook for building your brand. If somebody wants to do it, they can simply go and check it out. Like you can go to my Messenger channel, and it’s on the menu. Okay, I’m going to put a link below for you guys to actually do this mini-course if you want to get it done. I have a couple of mini-courses in there already. One of them is using Facebook to build your business and the other one is overview of what they call Facebook Business Manager that explains to you how to utilize the power of the advertising product. But, if you go to my Messenger channel, on the menu, there’s an option to select free mini-courses. You go to Manuel Suarez’s page, not on the profile. There are two separate things. There’s a profile and then there’s the actual Facebook Page. Go to Manuel Suarez’s Page. I can give you a link down below and you can check it out directly and on that particular page, once you go to the Messenger channel, you do the mini-course and I deliver an entire mini-course inside Messenger.

That is a lead magnet. That’s why I pull people in. I run Facebook Ads. I run Instagram Ads. I put the links on YouTube and every way that I can to draw people into Messenger and generate a Messenger subscriber. So, what does Messenger subscriber mean? It’s equal to an email. A  Messenger subscriber is somebody that is there for me to communicate with just like an email except that the emails are not really there because almost nobody opens them anymore. So, the Messenger subscribers are opening up their messages at a very very high rate every single message that you send out. So, I do mini-courses.

Now, it depends. If you guys don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, that’s totally fine. I do. I’m here talking on this podcast and I’m also talking to people on Facebook live on the camera, just talking. You know, this is like me being comfortable in front of the camera talking to the world about what I feel on Messenger marketing, what are my thoughts on it. So, if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera like my dad, like myself, like Dr. Berg, like all these different YouTube personalities, Facebook personalities, that’s totally fine. What you can do, which I am doing it for brands because I have hundreds of students in my Facebook Masters Course, what you can do is you can actually go ahead and build out content. Like for example, “7 Tips to Keep Your Skin Feeling Beautiful and Young” and you can go to and hire somebody. Or, you can go to Upwork to actually build one of those freebies, lead magnets for you based on your content.

What’s going on today is that technology has, little by little, eliminated any and all possible excuses when it comes to I cannot do that because I am not competent enough, or this is too high tech, or this is too difficult, or I just don’t know how to provide value, or I’m not comfortable in front of the camera. All these excuses guys are slowly but surely disappearing. If you don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera talking to a camera, there is a way in which you can actually provide value to people by educating them and giving them something that has to do with the content of your brand. If you’re an accountant, educate people about accounting and the important rules of laws, legislations, whatever it is that you’re interested in that you have knowledge on. If you’re a designer, talk about designer tips, provide some education on that. If you are a health specialist, talk about your area of expertise. Try to find a particular niche in which you can talk about and educate on that thing. Don’t go too general like how to keep a body healthy. You want to keep it specific like you want to talk about particular illnesses, you want to talk about diabetes, you want to talk about weight loss, you want to talk about thyroid issues.

Talk about something that people can relate to and just give them data about that. You can do articles. You can actually go, for example, let me give you a hot tip. There’s something that we’ve been using recently. There is this app, this software that you can get a free trial for which is called Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo allows any of you guys to go in there and find information that you can use to give to your public and just build out a content, build out a freebie and document that you can use on your Messenger channel to pull people into the Messenger. And, once they’re in, you might be asking, “But, Manuel, what do I do with these people once they’re in my Messenger channel? That’s a great question! You’ve got to keep on providing more and more value. You’ve got to keep on educating because in reality, people, if they haven’t seen you before, they don’t trust you yet. If they don’t trust you yet, they are not going to buy from you no matter what you’re offering, don’t be entitled, nobody’s buying from you unless you have positioned yourself as somebody that knows something about that subject.

Remember guys. We’re living through a content era. This content era is so large that every single year, whatever has been done in the history of humanity gets doubled. Meaning that in 2018, by the end of it, more content, more video content, with these phones, with any devices is going to be produced than in the entire history of humanity combined.

So, we’re living through an era in which if you don’t provide value, if you don’t give out content, if you don’t create these magnets, these freebies to pull people in and educate and provide value, then your business is slowly but surely going to become irrelevant in this social media era. If you are not actively putting yourself out there in social media and communicating about your area of expertise, then, eventually, there’s going to be another million people doing it and you’re going to fall so behind that is going to be too late to actually create an impact in social media.

So, I recommend that you don’t wait around. Figure it out. Like, come out with a freebie strategy, okay? Something that you can give out. Not only one. Sometimes you have to test out 20 different freebies to find out what people like and what they bite on so they can come into your Messenger channel and now be interested in communicating way for you. Now, just so you know. The Messenger channel can get really, really ninja. The other day I was doing a seminar in Last Vegas, last weekend.  I just had a realization because you know I call myself a Facebook ninja, overall a ninja. And, I was wondering do people understand what ninja means? You know, a ninja is actually a trained assassin, right? Well, let me tell you what the definition of the ninja is in the Manuel Suarez’s dictionary, okay? A ninja is somebody that knows more than the rest of the humanity, that’s all. A ninja is somebody that knows how to take advantage of opportunities that others have not even seen yet. That’s what a ninja is. It’s not somebody smarter, it’s not somebody more able, it’s not somebody more competent. None of that stuff. It’s not somebody incredible. A ninja is somebody that has invested their time and energy into understanding things more than their fellow man. Because when you understand things more, you can do more things in life and accomplish more things.

Messenger channel is incredibly ninja. And, what I have just shown you right now, what I have just taught you guys about right now is about .05% of the entire scope of this incredible Messenger marketing world and how you can build relationships, and how you can make people trust you along the way. So, you’ve got to come out with a freebie strategy. That freebie strategy, you use it to bring people into the Messenger channel, okay? And then once you have that freebie strategy down, then you can come up with some more every single week. Again, there’s many different things. Like if you are into home-made jewelry, you can talk about different things about that. If you are into movies, you can provide a list of the top 100 movies that anybody has to watch and must have in their bucket list. If you are into men’s perfumes, then you can talk about how men can stay clean. And, let’s say for example, they’re into beard and grooming, well, you can give information on that. If you’re into pets and you have a brand niche in the area of grooming or pet particular items, then, you can talk about the correct ways of taking care of your animal in a natural way.

So, there are many things that you can do. Let me give you another hot tip, okay? Something that you can actually go right now and search, okay? If you go to, that website, you can search for your niche market and you can get thousands of questions that people are asking about your brand that now you can turn around and answer them. Realize that what you know, most people don’t. And, if you don’t have content in your business, if you don’t have information that you can provide to the world, then, you’re not in business and your business is not going to make it. Your business should be able to provide value to the world. If it doesn’t, then, you should evaluate getting to a business into a brand in which you can actually provide something of value to the world because that’s how you win in this 2018 world.

So, just so we can see the flow clearly, you learn about Facebook Ads, you run Messenger subscriber ads. Those Messenger subscriber ads can be called traffic objectives, they can be Messenger reply objectives, they can be so many different things that you can learn as you learn how to do Facebook Ads, okay? Yourself. Follow my content, follow my training, make sure that you’re doing the mini-courses that I’m doing on the Messenger channel that are super easy for you to do and apply and implement and see the simplicity of it. And, you build out an ad that now says like, “Hey! I got the 10 best things that you can do to keep your skin looking younger than ever naturally. Do you want it? Alright, it’s free for you to have. Just click the button below and I’m going to deliver to you instantly on your Messenger.”

That is something that you can set up. Now, in case you don’t know how to set that up, you’ve got to learn a little bit. We’ve talked about that, there’s something that you have to start delving into. You’ve got to understand for example about this tool called I’ll put a link down below for it. I’m not affiliated. I wish I own the company but I don’t. But, this company is going to help you integrate your Facebook Messenger so you can do email marketing, Messenger marketing on this particular platform. People are going to be coming in to the Messenger channel, you’re going to be providing value, sending out broadcast to them, people that are obviously targeted because they are likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Like if you are selling a woman brand of makeup, make sure you don’t target men. Please. Because otherwise, you’re going to run in trouble, right? So, if you bring in the right people in there, you’re going to be just fine and you’re going to be awesome, okay?

So, something for you guys to keep in mind, and, use answerthepublic, use Buzzsumo to understand what the content is coming out about that and then just work out for your brand how you make a difference, what is enough. Well, you should do a lot of it. It depends on how much do you want it, right? If you want to get to certain goals, targets, you have certain ambitions, well, you’ve got to push really, really hard. The harder that you push, the harder you get there. The more publications that you do, the faster you create an impact. I would say that you shouldn’t even go for doing 4-6 social media posts per platform every single day, if you’re ready to do something like that of just providing value and bringing people into your Messenger. So now, the statement that money is in the list can become a reality.

Alright. That is my podcast for today. Again, just a quick reminder. If you want to do the mini-course on the subject of building your business with Facebook ads, the link is going to be down below. Also, let me ask you for a quick favor, okay? Favor. If you have not subscribed to this podcast, please go ahead and do so already and also, write a review because it does help me find more people here that I can now help and help them be more successful in their lives. So, that would be greatly appreciated, you can go ahead and subscribe to it, write a review whether you’re on iTunes, you’re on Google Play, whether you’re on Apple Podcast or Google Podcast, wherever it is, leaving a review is going to help me quite a bit. If you guys are watching this on Facebook live, please go and jump to the podcast and also subscribe. That’s going to be really, really helpful.

Alright. So, the freebie strategy, right? Go out for the freebies. Bring them into Messenger. Learn about ManyChat. Integrate it. Start communicating and see your business thrive and expand and explode along the way. Alright, guys. See you in the next podcast.     


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