Messenger Marketing

Imagine you’re a one-person show. Maybe two, or even three. Or maybe you’re a large brand but need automation to better service your clients and customers.

How can you give your customers the personalized service they deserve while remaining efficient and keeping your head above water?

Good question.

Chat Bots aren’t Artificial Intelligence. They won’t think and act and talk like a real person would.

But they can help channel the incoming and outgoing communication, sending it where it needs to go, allowing customers to get the information and responses they need and know they’re being taken care of, tagging and keeping track of different groupings of customers and needs, for current or future use, and much more.

And they can do that very, very well.


Through Messenger Chat Bots, utterly simple or breathtakingly complex, you can make sure your customers are answered and not forgotten.

But even more, you can put each of their questions and comments on different channels, immensely cutting down your own work and their wait time.

Say you need to set up customer support. You could give them an email address to write to. Then you can do your best to understand what it is they need and write back to them with your next question and keep going this way, back and forth, until the matter is resolved or they stop replying in a huff.

Or, knowing all the possible needs, questions, concerns and issues, and knowing their exact handlings, you can set up a customer service Chatbot that receives communication, asks what is needed and farms it out to individual bots to gather all needed information to address their issue.

Then, as a complete package, this information is sent to you or your staff for handling, without the lengthy back and forth, and your customer knows they have been heard and are being taken care of.

Types of Chatbots

While there really is no limit to the type of Chatbot that can be created, beyond the creator’s imagination, there are some common types we’ve used to provide value to customers and followers, and which have been used to exponentially grow the customer bases of some of our largest clients.

From overall nurture sequences to conditional message sequences based on triggered keywords, here they are:


Nurture Sequences

This is a series of messages a user subscribes to and which is sent out to them approximately every 2-3 days. Following the marketing philosophy of providing value, value, value, and then selling, this sequence is, truly, meant to go on forever. It’s what brings people in, shows them who you are and, day by day, begins feeding them information, tools, and tips they can use to improve some aspect of their life intimately connected with your brand. And now and then offers them something that can help them accomplish their goals in relation to what you’ve gone over. A product you sell, possibly with a discount code to get them started. This is the sequence that builds up not just a following, but a loyal one, through constant, unobtrusive communication.


Messenger Menu

Once in, they may look around your Messenger channel and find your Menu.

While this will contain links to your website, it will also showcase the various subjects you cover, each with their own individual sequence of messages to help them with specific topics.


Keyword Triggers

In and amongst your Menu, Nurture Sequence, and topical sequences there will be specific keywords triggers.

Depending on how these are set up they may take an individual then and there to a new topic of interest or they may subscribe that person to a new sequence of messages to begin in a few days. But either way, that individual’s interests, needs, and wants are now known and remembered, and specially created bots will begin providing information and offers to them targeting those needs and wants.

Beyond that, from sells and up-sells woven natively throughout the fabric of the sequences, to individual mini-courses set up to provide more in-depth education for your followers, there truly is no limit to what can be created.

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