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It seems that everyone is jumping into Amazon these days — even when they have no idea how.

Amazon Gurus appear and disappear almost as fast as new brands, each claiming the newest, deepest, most inside knowledge and cutting edge strategies sure to rocket your brand to the top and keep it there.

But then, if you’re looking at this, you probably already know that. And you could probably find in your change bowl how much you’d be willing to pay for their fancy tricks.

But you also know something else. New or not. Trained or not. The competition is fierce. And if you underestimate it for a second you’ve lost.

And not just from other brands, but from Amazon itself.



As the E-Commerce giant tightens it’s grip on sellers, zeroing in on those it believes to be guilty of any manner of black hat activities (even if they’ve never performed any in their life), Amazon sellers find themselves in need of not just marketing magic to rise above the background noise of their competitors, but an exact map to guide them through the many pitfalls and mines set by Amazon, seemingly against them.

And then there’s Amazon’s own brand’s who somehow seem to have it just a little bit easier than the rest.

So yes, the competition is fierce.

But again, if you’re here, you already know that.

It seems that everyone is jumping into Amazon these days — even when they have no idea how.

the competition is fierce 


Through our Product Launch Service, optimizing a rotating series of keywords through specially created URLs, and one-time, unique coupons, we quickly rank brand new products, lifting them to the top of the pile on an immediate basis and keeping them there.

Through extensive keyword research we find the best opportunities based on search volume, ranking these keywords and tracking their progress through special URLs.

And with our proprietary coupon tracking software we can see exactly how many coupons have been used from each code created, allowing us to optimize our campaigns and zero in on our most qualified customers.

And throughout all of this we’re constantly split-testing, always looking for the best landing page, copy and email campaign to make your launch the best it can be.

In addition, we create email sequences to follow up with each person who opts in so as to optimize/increase the conversion of coupon usage.


If you know Amazon, you know the best advertising platform to increase sales and ranking is its own.

From Headline Ads to Search, Amazon PPC provides a simple and efficient way to get your product in front of your potential customers and keep it there — as long as you know what you’re doing.

And you probably do know what you’re doing.

But that’s the problem. Because you know what you’re doing, you’ve grown. And while you know what to do, you can no longer do it all yourself.
You need people who are trained and experienced, who will not only take your brand and treat it like their own but, using their own proprietary formulas, lift it even higher, so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Find out how we can help you take advantage of everything the Amazon platform has to offer and lift your brand to the top.

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