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The 2018 Marketing Philosophy

Podcast Transcription

Hey guys! So, before we jump into today’s podcast, I’m excited to announce to you that we have launched a series of mini-courses on the subject of Facebook Ads. I know it’s an area that has a lot of attention right now. People don’t understand how to really use its power. They keep on pressing that boost button on their Facebook Page and expect incredible results and miracles to happen, and that’s not going to happen.

So, I’ve launched a series of mini-courses. They’re going to be delivered directly on a Messenger. So, you must have Messenger. If you don’t have it, just download it at least so you can actually get the Messenger mini-courses done. That’s where my obsession is at right now and that’s where I can give you the most value and I’m going to be providing a lot of value in that channel. So, if you want to go ahead and start the first mini-course after you get done with that one, this one is a series of 6 videos. After you get done with that one, you’re going to be invited to another one, and another one, you can go at your own pace. And, there’s no commitment. Down the line once you’re in the Messenger channel, well, I may invite you to the Facebook Master’s Course and that’s when it’s open. Right now, it’s not open. So there’s no way for you to get in. But in reality, you can get a lot of value. You can jump in and keep the podcast rolling while you jump into either Safari, Google Chrome, Google whatever it is that you have on your phone and go to And, you’re going to start doing the mini-course directly on Messenger at your own pace. It’s a professional recording with awesome graphics and I’ll take you step by step on the world of Facebook Ads and then I’m going to show you some more on other mini-courses like for example, building your business using the Business Manager, and I’ve got some other great things lined up for you guys. So, don’t miss out. You’re going to be able to do it on your phone or on the computer. You can go to

Alright. So, I’m going to give you guys a little rant on strategy. Because one of the things that I get asked for the most is like, I do a lot of seminars, yesterday I was doing a seminar to another 100 people and I get asked like, “Manuel, but how do I start? How do I get myself in front of these people and sell them stuff?” Well, there are 2 things that are quite different in the online world. There are people that are selling products and then, there are people that are building brands. So what I recommend that you do? I recommend that you build brands. Because when you build brands, you’re building a business. If you’re selling products, something happens down the line, then you’re done and the world comes to an end. Like if your Amazon account gets shut down, if you, for some reason screwed up on something, then, it’s over, because you’re a product seller. So, the way that you build brands is by actually putting yourself in front of the people over, and over, and over, and not even making them feel like you’re selling them something.

One of the things that I actually have as a policy, as you guys probably know, I have an agency with a bunch of clients and some of them are bigger, some of them are smaller, all of them are usually awesome because if they’re not, we don’t even take them in as clients. They provide value to the world and we have a strict policy. We don’t take in people that have a product selling viewpoint – all they want to do is sell products. For example, right here where we have my agency right here, this is a portion of it where we have some of the execs, and then we have a business over here that we run through content, we educate. These right here that you guys see is a center in which we are, all these people here, all these sales people here, these guys are awesome. They’re on the phone all day long helping people. Look at that phone in how it doesn’t stop ringing, you hear that? It’s all day long ringing and ringing and ringing. But, do you want to know why? Because we produce value, we educate. Those phone calls coming in are phone calls coming in from people that are seeing our content in social media – in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram – and from there, they trust us, they trust us enough that they want to actually come and give us their money. And then, we actually go in here and we ship out. Look at our warehouse over here. We have this big warehouse of more people helping out on the phones and helping out clients. But then, we have this big warehouse where we ship out products all over the world to 8 different countries.

So, this is basically what we do – we provide content. What is your strategy? Your strategy has to be something that educates first and foremost, entertains, or inspires. So, what do we got? Three major things that you can actually build your content around. Either you educate or you inspire or you entertain the world. They all work. But if you’re not doing one of those three things, then your business is going to go into the irrelevant status. You’re going to stop being relevant because this is the world that we’re living today. Everybody’s on these devices. You guys are here looking at this particular video right now and we are in a social media world, right? 53% of every single minute spent on those devices is being spent on social media. So, that’s the reality that’s going on today. If you are not putting yourself in front of them, then, you are not relevant in the business world. No matter what happened in the past, no matter how your daddy built his business and how you took over and the way that advertising was done before. If you are not working on capturing their attention, then, you are in trouble my man, or my friend, right? Because in reality guys, all you’ve got to do is just continue to put yourself out there.

What is the overall strategy? The overall strategy has to be grabbing the content whatever information that you have about your product – beauty line, health fitness brand, natural weight loss system, an organic-based company, equipment, electronic equipment, toys for kids. No matter what your niche market is, there is a particular information that you have that can help somebody else improve their quality of life. So, what you do is that you do two things, okay? It’s going to be like a few minutes of an overall strategy, okay? You’re going to figure out content. Meaning you’re going to grab your videos, your images, your written articles, or your overall education, whatever you have – information, and you’re going to start putting in social media, a lot of it every single day, 3 times per day – videos of success stories, testimonials, information about how to use a product, FAQs, understanding about how things work, giving education, giving a tutorial on how to get something done for free without expecting anything in return. Just doing that everyday 3, 6 times, 9 times per day, it doesn’t matter. The more the merrier. There’s no such thing as too much content, right?

So, what I would do is I would do that and then the second, but even probably more important is that, listen to this carefully, you have to figure out distribution. If you do not figure out how to put that content in front of as many eyeballs as possible, you’re still going to be irrelevant. I get people to reach out to me and tell me like, “Manuel, I’ve been on social media for six years and I’ve been posting six times a day and I do a Facebook live everyday and my Instagram channel is flooded with things but nobody buys my stuff. And also, nobody sees my stuff. I’m supposed to have 10,000 followers and I only get 10 likes on my post.” Do you know why? Because you have not figured out distribution. The game has changed. And, when you post something on Facebook, the organic reach on it, meaning how many people see it without you having to pay has plummet it. Now, you get 8% if you’re decent, if you’re providing good quality content that sees that particular organic post. So, if you do a video and you post it on your Facebook Page, and you have a thousand fans, if you’re lucky, 80 or 100 of them see it. That’s the reality of what’s going on today. You either cry and complain about it or you figure out how to do distribution. Meaning grabbing that video, that same video and learning how to push it to find more people.

Guys, you have to pay the companies that distribute this particular content. Facebook, you’ve got to pay Instagram, you’ve got to pay some. But, realize that right now in 2018, we’re still at a very underpriced age in which distribution on these platforms, even though you have to pay for them, is really affordable. It’s extremely cheap to actually grab that particular video and run it as a Facebook Ad. Please, don’t do something. Don’t go out and take this video right now and start pressing that boost button on your Facebook Page. Don’t do that. That boost button is not there to make you any money. It’s there for them to make money. If you really want to be serious about this, if you really want to plant your roots on social media, you’re going to spend some time learning the Business Manager platform, Business Manager on Facebook which you can access through is basically how a real business is built. If you don’t know how to use it, just like you’ve probably learned how to ride a bike, you’ve got to learn how to use it, you’ve got to learn it, you’ve got to apply it, and implement what you’re learning along the way. It’s the only way out. No more complaining, no more wondering why you’re not growing more, why are you not being successful, why your business is not growing to the levels that you expect it to grow. You’ve got to just go out there and do, number 1, do what you’ve got to do to put yourself in front of these people, in this incredible era of opportunity that you have in front in which you have incredible, powerful platforms being used by everybody. And this is not an exaggeration, everybody. Facebook is being used by 90% of the country. Instagram is being used by 70% of the country. It’s incredible. A unique era of advertising in which you can pay a few dollars and put yourself in front of the millions and millions of people.  

Something for you guys to think with. If you have a brand or a business, if you have a service and you want to take it to the next level, and you feel you’re not maxing out your potential, please, I beg you, learn how to use the distribution platforms because they are there. Two things: content and distribution. They’re not the same. They’re different. Some of the greatest artists in the world that produce a lot of content, artwork, all kinds of things never get discovered. Do you know why? Because they did not figure out distribution. That’s the way it is. And then, the other way around also works out the same way, it’s a failure. If you have this incredible distribution and you know how to use Facebook, you know how to use Instagram but your creation of content is not really decent, then you’re also going to fail and you’re going to run out of money.

So, content distribution has to be mastered. And, those are the two things that are going to make your business successful. That’s how I’ve sold a hundred million dollars in products in the last couple of years. Because I have mastered the art of producing content for the people that I work with. And also, the art of distribution of that content so I can get a lot of eyeballs for people to see my stuff. If you get eyeballs, you produce income. If you don’t get eyeballs, you starve. It’s as simple as that. Alright, guys. That’s my rant of the day.


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