Hey everybody! Here’s another extract from one of the videos that I did recently on the incredible new platform recently launched called Instagram TV. If you have not jumped all over it yet, I recommend that you do right away. It’s like 2006 YouTube all over again. Figure out how to put your brand there and how to capture attention in this new powerful platform owned by Facebook. Watch full video on Facebook here: https://bit.ly/2oPUG4Z 

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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New Channel – New Opportunity

Podcast Transcription

Hey everybody! Hope that you are having a fantastic day. Today, I’m going to be putting in here an extract of a little video I did the other day on the announcement of the Instagram Television app, Instagram TV. In case you guys don’t know what this is, check it out. Listen to this podcast. It’s going to give you a good understanding of what this platform is and how you can utilize it. It’s basically like going back to 2006 at YouTube where anybody can build a channel and get famous quite fast. So, right now, Instagram TV is rolling and is the first digital platform that is designed for vertical videos and people are being pushed from Instagram to Instagram TV a lot right now. I mean when you go to Instagram, you’re going to see people actually being pulled into the Instagram TV Channel and you can see these little icons all over the place at the top right when you go to the actual profile of an actual page and it’s a really cool stuff.

So, if you guys are not part of the Instagram TV yet, I recommend that you start doing it. Right now, all of us, we can do video content in there up to 10 minutes in length and I think that you are going to love it because no more limitations of 1 minute videos like there is on Instagram and it’s going to keep on expanding game better along the way and Instagram is going to keep on pushing people towards that platform. This is their attempt of capturing a lot of the attention that YouTube has and it’s going to get a lot of attraction. And, guess what? Down the line, as they keep on getting better and better and better, they’re going to be able to open it up for advertisers like us to put our message in front of these people and it’s going to be fantastic. So, I recommend that you guys start putting your attention on the platform and start building out content for the platform and just pull out your cellphones and start recording and documenting your life in there because this is going to take you to be able to position yourself and your brand as somebody that knows what they’re doing on your particular niche market.

So, take a look at it. Listen to this podcast and if you want to look at the whole video on it, I’m going to put the link down below. It’s a very simple video that I recorded when I was on my bed just thinking about this new platform and sharing some thoughts with you guys. So you’re not missing on any real visuals on this particular video, okay? So, you’re going to get the value just from listening to the podcast. Alright, guys. Hope that you like it and here you go.

Hey, guys. Wow! Things just keep on getting better and better. People are whining, complaining, not happy with their current situations and I just keep on looking at the world on how it’s just incredibly rampant with opportunities. It’s just insane. Here I am in my bed. Got home after a really long day. I’ve been recording all day long. I lost my voice but then I’ve discovered that there’s this new thing called Instagram TV, IG TV. It’s incredible. I’m going to be providing a lot of content in here because I love the platform. Facebook is actually just working really hard on bringing down YouTube and doing a lot of things that are going to actually make the platform very user-friendly and, they’re going to start pulling a lot of attention in there.

If you guys take a look at it right now, if you guys are listening to this video, you’re probably already on Instagram TV which is awesome and there are links all over the place on the Instagram platform all ready to send people to Instagram TV. Long form content. So, what do we got now on Instagram? We got 15 seconds all the way to 15-minute videos can be posted. And, it’s a platform made for vertical content. So, this is awesome guys. So, guess what’s going to happen now. This is a brand new platform right? So, now, people were complaining for years about “Facebook is going to run our real estate. Eventually, they’re going to collapse. It’s not going to last forever.” Well, they got Messenger and then Messenger is going to get crowded and the marketers are going to ruin everything like they always do. Well, what did they get? They bought WhatsApp. “They’re not going to be able to monetize.” Well, and this story keeps on going and going and going.

So, what do we got guys? We got an era that people have not fully realized yet that these platforms are barely just beginning. This is basically the beginning of this incredible evolution of communication platforms. So, what do we got? If you guys want to increase your income, understand that all you’ve got to do is start putting out yourself more out there. Because, in reality, guys, these platforms help you capture the number one commodity in this universe and that is attention. It’s not about anything else but attention. So, if you can continue to put yourself in front of those, then, you’re going to be able to capture a lot of it, and you’re going to be able to monetize. Because no matter what you sell, if you entertain, if you inspire, if you educate, or whatever it is that you do, you capture that attention, and then, you can monetize with many different ways. Whatever you want, whatever you feel passionate about, no longer you have to be tied up to something that you don’t feel happy about working at. No longer you have to work in an area that you hate, that you despise. Now, you can actually monetize doing something that you like. Life can become a pleasant thing now. For a lot of you guys that are working on things and you’re hoping that friday, 5 o’clock comes around and then you can have this weekend of peace, two days of peace while the next five days are going to be gruesome, horrible, tough and it’s an ordeal that nobody wants to deal with.

So, guys, please jump on it. Please. If you’re complaining about it, realize that you can actually do something about it. I’m actually going to post this video on the Facebook Page, too, because the Instagram TV has also made it possible for me to share this page on my Facebook Page just like that. These things are becoming this incredible ecosystem that is incredible and is just ridiculous. Right now, this is a 4-minute rant already and I’m talking to you guys giving you a message deep from my heart without a voice already, tired after a very long day of hard work because I’m so excited about our future. I think that the economy is still booming and we still have some great things going on and if you don’t get your piece of the pie, eventually when the economy collapses, you’re going to be regretting that you didn’t jump on top of the greatest communication wave in the history of humanity in its existence.

Okay. So, I’m very, very excited on what’s going on guys. Instagram TV, they’re going to take over the world. It’s a vertical platform, it’s made for vertical videos. It’s actually the first platform exclusively dedicated to video content vertically. Think about it for a second. The first one exclusively dedicated for video content vertically. What if this didn’t happen? Everbody’s recording video vertically. It’s not a horizontal world anymore. It’s not a TV format anymore. It’s actually vertical content that is being recorded more and more every single day as people get more familiar with their cellphone devices. That is what’s going on. So, think about it. What do you think is going to happen? Who do you think is going to monetize and take advantage of this? Whoever jumps on top of this opportunity now! Those are the ones that are going to ride the wave. It’s crazy. A lot of you guys are thinking that the thing is already late in the game, that it’s too late, that people already got rich in Amazon, and Facebook, and Google, and all these companies. Guys, it’s barely just beginning! We are the first generation to take advantage of such opportunities. In history, none of our parents or grandparents or anybody before ever had this communication channels in evolution. It is a brand new phenomenon and a lot of you guys are thinking that it’s late in the game. It’s pretty outrageous if you think about it. We are just getting started.

So, I’m excited for you guys. If you guys want to do something, if you have a passion, if you have a dream, if you have a goal, well, you should start going after it. Because even if it’s in your spare time, a couple of hours a day, 1 or 2 hours a day you learn something, you implement something, you see something, you actually do something about your life, then maybe down the line, in a year from now, in 6 months, in 6 six years, or whatever it is, you can actually start enjoying your life more and do something that you are passionate about every single day.

Alright, guys. That’s my rant for the day. I’m actually going to start doing a lot more of that because now my limitations have been lifted with the so-Instagram TV format which I really, really love. Alright, guys. I’ll talk to you soon.

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the podcast!
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