I recently had the high honor of being One of the keynote speakers and on the panel at an epic and super-intense event:  ManyChat’s “Messenger Conversations 2019” conference, where I shared the stage with other prolific marketing masterminds like Neil Patel, Randi Zuckerberg and Kevin David.

I’m gonna tell you all something: Since its infancy in 2016, Manychat has really killed it…AND they are pumped, primed and positioned to continue to crush it!

It is indeed a privilege to be a part of such a leading-edge community!

For my segment at the conference, I shared an abundance of practical, actionable advice… about what it would require to be able to grow and nurture a Messenger channel. From the feedback that I received, I would say that I did pretty well, and I say the following words from a very humble and thankful space…

I had several people come up to me afterwards and they told me that I was their favorite presenter! Now to me, that is a big deal! I mean, we had some REALLY BIG (some in this arena may even say “LEGENDARY”), MAJOR PLAYERS in that conference…So to be told that by a number of people is a very humbling thing for me, and it’s also very EXCITING for me as well. Those of you who have been following my content for a while already know that I’ve been very excited about Messenger marketing for a few years now. And now, as we are preparing to end off 2019, and get ready to step into 2020 — which doesn’t merely mark a new YEAR for us…it is the time to set the benchmark of an entirely NEW DECADE! — I am truly NEXT LEVEL EXCITED!

Since this conference, I have returned to the “lab”  — (where all the magic is created) with my team, and we’ve been excitedly implementing the strategies that we’ve learned at the conference…and I’m SUPER-EXCITED to say that even as we are heading into 2020, it’s still early in the game…at least for NOW.

This is what I mean when I say that: I think we have a good solid two or three years of this upwardly mobile “explosion” in Messenger marketing. It’s no longer simply Messenger marketing; we are now talking about “CHAT” marketing as a whole…

When I say CHAT marketing, the word “chat” emcompasses the various ways and platforms that we use to “Chat” with one another…this means we’re going to INTEGRATE Standard messaging/SMS, we’re going to integrate email, and eventually…INSTAGRAM DIRECT MESSAGING…WHATSAPP, etc.

Let’s face it and recognize this fact for what it is: We are living in a chat world. 

“Chat” is where it’s AT.


Do you want more business? Well then…make sure that you’re chatting  with people. The reality is that today, in present time, people don’t really want to talk to you on the phone anymore like they used to… Majority of them don’t want to answer your phone calls, and they don’t want to call you unless they really have to. Modern technology has truly changed the way that we as consumers interact with one another as well as with companies, and as this constant evolution takes place, we as marketers for our brands MUST be willing to quickly adapt and meet people where they’re at. That’s the plain, simple truth. If you want to stay relevant, you WILL adapt and comply…SO, if people don’t want to get on the phone to communicate with your brand, and they want you to chat with them, then guess what? You’re going to need to chat with them. So now, there you have that fact.

Now having said that, I want you to MAKE SURE that you really  get it done…LEARN about the different ways, modes, methods and platforms you will need to add to how you you chat with your public, then expand by adding all these different means of communication, and USE them. I mean, really use them. Keep the communication flowing along all of these lines.

As far as this learning goes, you don’t even have to look far or search out costly online curriculums for this. Remember that I share lots of free content and I even have free training available to help anyone who wants it. So it would definitely benefit you to take advantage of these free resources that are available to you. You can also feel free to ask any questions you may want or need to. My team and I do our best to make sure to engage and assist you in a timely manner, and give you guidance on where to start so that you can be prepared, to position yourself to WIN in this game. And you need to begin the preparation, positioning, learning and implementing NOW,


I can easily predict that next year in 2020, the ManyChat conference will be at least DOUBLE the size of this year’s. So get on board and prepare to ride this wave with me.

My agency, AGM (Attention Grabbing Media) was one of the top sponsors of the event. I feel that it is a great honor to be one of the major brand ambassadors for this amazing platform. It was a phenomenal experience and we had incredible speakers, and they all delivered an incredible plethora of knowledge. And here’s the thing: Knowing that Messenger and ManyChat are just going to keep on expanding along the way (and knowing that they’re going to keep doing so every single step of the way) is a tremendously exciting thing. Messenger is UNDOUBTEDLY and UNDISPUTEDLY the leader in the field of chatbots and utilizing messaging as the ever-powerful tool that it has become, is, and shall continue to be. In fact, over these past few years, “Messenger” has pretty much become synonymous with “ManyChat”… Like “Pampers” has become synonymous with “diapers” and “Coke” with “cola”.

Now just think about and imagine this for a minute:

Being able to utilize chatbots across multiple platforms and communication devices and staying well-connected to your audiences on ALL of them across the board! WOW….Right? Yes; that IS worthy of a lot of WOWs.

Well, just know and think with the fact that “chat” is both the present AND the future in communication and marketing in the Social Media world. And it most definitely will expand. You can bet on that. The thing to do NOW is to learn all that you can about ManyChat. It is the pioneer, the authority, the expert. So THAT is where you’re going to want to start…and stay tuned and ready for expansion along the way from there.

So there you have it. Now GO and get into ACTION.

See you in the next article.