In this episode, I will cover Facebook objectives. What they mean and how to utilize them to get the most out of your Facebook Ads game. Facebook wants you to be successful. If they are not, they don’t make money and they don’t grow. Learn to use the system and its power and you will reap the benefits. 

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Exploring Facebook Objectives

Podcast Transcription

Hey, guys. So, before you jump in to this podcast, this podcast is all going to be about using the Facebook Objectives and understanding all about them. If you are not at that level yet, and you’re just basically getting started with Facebook ads and you don’t know anything about the Business Manager, I recommend that you jump into my mini-course. I recently launched it. It’s going to help you out a lot, it’s going to give you some basics in just a few short lessons that you can do directly on Messenger, on your Facebook Messenger. So, you can just jump in to this website link right here. It is going to direct you towards this free mini-course that literally has no catch to it. It’s just professionally recorded, really cool mini-course. Go to, and then you’re going to get the access to the mini-course on the business manager – what it is, how it works, why it works and how to set it up, and all the basics about it. Just summarize in about an hour or so. So, jump in to that one first, and then once you get that one done, you should come back and listen to this podcast. It’s going to make a lot more sense.

That’s if your new. If you’re not new, and you want to get this mini-course done, because it’s just going to help you get more certainty and feel better about what you’re doing, and overall, you like listening to my training, or watch my training, go jump in it and get it done too, okay? Alright. I’ll see you on the inside and let’s jump in to today’s podcast.

Alright! So, welcome to another podcast of the Facebook Marketing Ninja. I’m broadcasting on Facebook live. I’m going to be covering some awesome stuff today for those of you guys that are still starting off in this online world and don’t know exactly how to get started. I want to start giving you guys a lot more practical stuff. So, we take away the excuses, all the excuses in existence of not being able to do. Because the other day I was looking at some of the famous quotes of all philosophers of all times. The ones that I could use to help you guys get motivated. And I found one that was surprising from the great Pablo Picasso that he basically quoted by saying that action is the foundational key piece of all success.

A painter back in a long time ago, when he was famous, he was talking about the way to become successful in this world, the way to actually have people grow and accomplish great things was through action. Whatever it is, I want to stop a little bit on the ra-ra, let’s go and let’s take over the world and conquer it. This is what you’ve got to do because I consider myself a practical individual. Now, throughout the last couple of years, it happens that I maybe unintentionally transfer my natural born passion. I actually inspire people and motivate them a lot because I’m very intense when I’m on stage, when I’m doing seminars, when I’m talking to people, when I’m on Facebook live, when I’m doing videos, I’m very passionate about what I do and I do feel really, really certain that there are opportunities out there and I think that sometimes, people need to hear them in a very loud voice in order for them to actually do something about it and to wake up.

I think, there’s such a thing as people that are universe shifters, people that are helping people wake up to the opportunities of today, people that are actually changing conditions of the planet. I call them universe shifters because these people are able to grab a person’s mind, these people that know how to communicate well, grab a person’s mind and actually make them act and change their negative viewpoints on things, make them see that the world is full of opportunities or have the mindset necessary to be successful. In reality, one of the biggest weaknesses that entrepreneurs have or people that are not successful in life, for whatever reason, is that they have the wrong mindset. So, in order for you to be successful in this world, you first have to change your mindset. I just happened to be very practical right now in the realities of the current marketing world. I’m a Facebook guy because that’s where I know you can capture the most attention at the lowest cost. I’m an Instagram guy, I’m a Messenger guy, because I think that’s where the largest opportunities are in order for you to be able to accomplish some great things in an amount of time that you should take decades. Now, you can do it in a year or less.

There are many ways around it. If you go through my content, my podcast, my Facebook pages, my Instagram, all over the place, I am really going aggressively towards giving you guys tools. I’m even building free mini-courses that are going to take people step by step towards at least getting their feet wet and getting something done so they can start taking control of their future. My job is to empower people and help them see that there are opportunities out there that all they’ve got to do is go out there and grab them. So now, they can accomplish some special things.

In reality, the world is full of opportunities from Amazon to building your own brands to selling a service no matter what it is, you have an ability now to communicate with people that you never before had. So, it’s quite logical that if you want to build a source of income and extra source of income and additional revenue for your life so you can actually improve the quality of your life, accomplish your goals and dreams and get your family into a better shape, if you put in the work, first of all by learning these platforms, understanding how they work and then implementing some of the things that you’re learning, yeah, that could be accomplished. It does not happen overnight. It has taken me a good 5 years until I became really successful learning the platform. I’m actually a little bit less than that. I want to say that 3 years ago, I already started after 2 years of a lot of learning, I started generating some great numbers. In the last 2 years, with a lot of incredible things going on in my business, in my personal business, I’ve exploded. But that’s because I’ve been obsessed about learning throughout the last 5 years so I understood how to take advantage of these opportunities just like I want you guys to also understand how to take advantage of these incredible communication era.

Today, I want to give you something really practical. If you have a business, let’s say that you have a supplement business. If you have a brick and mortar store in which you sell services, if you have a weight loss clinic, if you have a chiropractic office, if you have some kind of service that you sell, an accounting service or you want to sell your products, if you want to plant your roots in social media, if you want to really build a true business that withstands time, Facebook is your answer no matter what. Facebook actually covers everything. It’s not like for example, Amazon. Amazon is for people that want to sell an ecommerce brand and they sometimes feel comfortable in front of the camera, sometimes they don’t. I know a lot of successful Amazon sellers that for years, they made a lot of money including myself. At the beginning, I was not in front of the camera. They made a lot of money just selling products and it’s been great.

That’s becoming more of a challenge today. But, Amazon is not the same as Facebook. Facebook is an international platform being used by everywhere in the planet where there is an online world. So, if we got 3 billion people on the online world out of 7 billion people, we have 2.2 billion people active on Facebook. Which means that they actually are being used almost by 70% of every single human being that has an internet connection.

One thing that make sense that you need to do is focus on using that platform. Because if you want to build a national and international, if you want to build a business in your local area, community, if you want to just basically develop a community of people that follow you, why would you look elsewhere? Why would you try to understand how to do a media mail campaign, or how to run Pinterest ads, or how to do anything else? It’s like an analogy that I can give you guys. If you guys know anything about poker and the game of poker that is quite famous around the world, you know that the best hand you could possibly ever have in poker is a royal flush. So, when you have Facebook being the best possible hand, being the royal flush of actual advertising of people, of communication, then, why don’t you just go all in and understand how to utilize this platform to your advantage and grow your business in it. That’s basically what it’s all about.

We got a few years before this opportunity gets old. Right now, this is where we’re at today. I want to give you just that beginning intro because I want you guys to feel confident that this is the platform that you need to master right now. Once Facebook gets expensive, once it gets overpriced and all these brands have flooded the market and now, these people are there basically like quite simple, right? If you have an advertiser here investing on Facebook ads, and now you have 20 advertisers in the same real estate, well, it’s obvious that it’s going to be more expensive. But now, more people like you realize that the opportunity is quite large. And, what they do is like, “Wait for a second, we need to invest more money on Facebook ads. Let’s put the money in!” And now, this same real estate right here, this same circle gets full of more advertisers. So, what happens? It goes up in price. It gets more expensive. It is common sense.

Right now, most people are dormant. They don’t really understand that the opportunity is so large. So still, today, you can invest on Facebook and be seen by thousands of people with a couple of dollars investment. That’s something that today is not possible on newspapers, on magazines, on radio, on YouTube, online, it’s not possible anywhere else. Maybe if you want to invest on SnapChat ads, you can get that. But, it’s not your demographic. Because if you’re looking at trying to reach people that are like 20+ years old and above, and 30+ years old and 50 year olds, you’ve got to understand that SnapChat is not controlling that attention. But, Facebook is. Facebook has anywhere from teenagers to senior citizens using the platform actively every single day. So, it is the single, greatest opportunity in the history of humanity, second to none, ever. And I want you guys to start learning about how to use this platform. So, let’s get in to the subject of today because this is going to be really practical.

If you guys have not heard or read about my training on the Business Manager on the Facebook Business Manager, you should learn about that. Because it’s very simple. If you learn about Business Manager, that opens up your world to understanding how Facebook ads work.

Business Manager is basically a center hub where all your ads are being run on Facebook. Historically, people have been investing on Facebook ads using their personal account. Facebook does not want you to do that. Four years ago, they launched a product called the business manager. And, that product is something that to this day is still around and it’s getting powerful, by the day more and more effective. The Business Manager, if you want to access it, you can simply go to and you create an account and you log in with your Facebook personal profile. It is how you build a real business.

I want to talk about today the Facebook Objectives. If you guys are listening to the podcast and you want to see me talking about this on a video, you can jump into my Facebook page. Make sure you follow it on And, what I want to talk about today is the objectives. Because an objective by definition is something that you communicate to Facebook in regards to what you’re trying to accomplish. There are all kinds of different objectives on Facebook before you run a campaign, you must tell Facebook what is it that you’re trying to accomplish, what are your goals. Do you want to get people to visit your website? Do you want to generate sales? Are you trying to get video views on your videos? Are you trying to generate leads? Are you just trying to brand your products and services? Do you want to get store visits? Do you want to get messages sent to your Messenger channel? Please. Facebook is begging you. “Tell me what you want to accomplish. Because if you tell me what you want to accomplish, I can make you more successful.”

Think about it guys. Facebook wants you to succeed. It’s quite logical why not because they are Mother Theresa’s, but more because they actually know that if you succeed and if you make money, they get more money. It’s as simple as that. Facebook is not a non-profit organization. They are a public corporation, currently the 5th biggest one in the planet, valued at $600 billion and their job is to make money. Now, how do they make money? That’s something that most people don’t understand. Facebook customers are not the users. They’re not people that have Facebook accounts. Facebook customers are the advertisers – you, me, people that are investing dollars in putting their messages on the Facebook platform and all the family of apps of Facebook. When I say Facebook, always keep in mind that I’m talking about Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, all these different family of apps that Facebook owns is what you have access to using the Facebook business manager.

So, what you have to do is understand that when you communicate with Facebook well, they give you more results. Now, if you expect somebody to talk to you on the phone and to pay attention to you and to let you know how you are awesome and how they want to help you, that’s not going to happen. Facebook right now is overwhelmed and undermanned big time. They are growing so fast. I can totally relate to that. Right now, myself, in my business, in my agency, in my course, in everything that I have going on, I can barely breathe and I am a small baby. I am a miniscule piece of dust compared to what Facebook really is. Facebook is a humongous corporation that has too much attention and they cannot service it.

So, they built softwares and systems that are going to help you just get the most out of the platform. What is that software? Business Manager on Facebook gets you there. And, when you set it all up, meaning that you put all your pages on it, you put your admins, your moderators, you put your billing methods, you put everything that you’re going to put in that central location which is the Business Manager, you create your ad account. When you do all of that, now on Facebook before you create a campaign, when you start the process of creating a campaign, the first thing that you have to do is tell Facebook what are you trying to accomplish? What is your goal? What is your expectation out of this campaign? At any given day, any business can have many different expectations for a campaign. One of the things that I’ve been running consistently throughout the last couple of years, let’s say a year and a half, is messages campaign. Why? Because I am really into building Messenger list. If you’ve heard my last podcast, or if you have seen me talk about it, I talk about the money is in the list and I talk about the most recent phenomenon that is going on, what kind of list do we want to pay attention today in 2018? That’s a Messenger list. So, if you haven’t listened to that podcast, jump back to the episode before this one and listen to that episode called The Money is in the List. And, what I want you to do is basically understand that you have to figure out what you are trying to accomplish, what is your goal, and you’ve got to let Facebook know about that.

Sometimes, you just want to run people to your website, send traffic to your website, so they can see what you’re talking about, they can look at your blog, they can basically interact with your website, see the different products that you offer, your services, you can promote different things inside your website and you can send a lot of traffic to the website. Well, in that case, you can select an objective that is called Traffic. Traffic is going to help you reach a lot of people and send them to your website. There’s another objective called Conversion. When you select Conversion as your objective, basically, you’re telling Facebook that what you’re trying to accomplish is get people to complete a certain action on your site. Now, that requires that you have something called  the Facebook Pixel. And, if you’re new to Facebook, I want you to go back now to Google and find out and learn a little bit about what the Facebook Pixel is. I’ll be covering that some more in the future and I cover that inside my Facebook Masters Training, of course. But, you can easily find out what the Facebook Pixel is. It is a code that you can easily have your website developer install inside your website that when somebody visits your website, Facebook knows exactly what’s going on on that website. They know what pages they watch, how much time they’ve spent on the website, they know if they purchase something, if they added it to cart but did not complete the purchase, they know if they saw a product page.

All that data is sent back to Facebook because of this thing called the Facebook Pixel. You can do Conversions Campaign if you have the Facebook Pixel installed, then you can send people to your website and have them opt in to a certain state, give them a freebie of sorts like I’ve talked about before and have them opt in to it and they convert. Or, they can purchase something on your website and that’s also a conversion. So, it’s something that you can also do as an objective and the way that I do it, if you guys have been following my content for a while, you know that what I push is actually building a relationship with people and nurturing them before I actually go for the sale. So, if I’m going to offer a product even if it’s with a discount, I do not offer to somebody that let’s say hasn’t seen me before on Facebook or on Instagram. So, I do it on a retargeting basis.

If you’re knew and you’re wondering, “Manuel, how do I do retargeting on Facebook? What are you talking about?” Guys, you’ve got to take baby steps and learn about the platform step by step. There’s an unlimited wealth of information on how to do retargeting on Facebook and it’s something that you can easily learn and master along the way. On the Business Manager, there is a tab called Audiences in which you can create audiences of Facebook fans, of people that message your page, of people that visit your website, of your purchasers, of people that have interacted with your videos, people that have seen 50% of your videos or 75% of your videos. There are so many different options that you can select as audiences that you can really target to.

So, when you run a Conversions ad as the objective, you can actually do it as a retargeting campaign to get people to commit into a further step of a relationship with you. First, they don’t know who you are. It’s what we call Cold Traffic. Next, they maybe interact with your website and they go to your website and they see something and now they’re slightly warm. They also see some videos and they engage somehow with you and they send you some messages. Now, also, on the next step, then, they actually provide their information. They give you their email, they give you phone number and address, that’s another step in the process. And then they purchase something from you. That is what we call the customer journey. Along the way on Facebook, you build that customer journey and they you can get them to convert into your actions easily by optimizing for conversions.

That’s the keyword here, optimization. Facebook uses that word a lot because what they want you to do is communicate with them correctly so they can work on using their smart system, what they call the Algorithm, so they can find you the right people that are more likely to help with that particular thing that you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you run a Video Views Objective, that means that Facebook is going to try to locate people that are more likely to hear and see your videos so you’re going to get more video views. If you’re running a traffic, it’s going to get you people that are more likely to click to your website. If you select a Conversion Objective, it’s going to get you people that are more likely to convert and accomplish the action that you are trying to accomplish on your website –  a lead, a purchase, an add to cart – any of those things based on the pixel. If you’re running a Store Visits Objective, Facebook is going to put the messages, the ad, in front of people that are more likely to visit your store. And how do they know this? They have all the data about that customer’s background. They understand what they do and what they don’t do, what they engage with and what they don’t engage with. So, Facebook uses that data for your advantage as an advertiser. It lets them actually communicate with the right audience so they can bring them into your funnel if you communicate with them correctly.

There’s another objective called Messages. Messages is going to help you find people that are more likely to message your page and interact with your Messenger channel. That’s really powerful because as you guys know, there’s 2.2 billion Facebook users but not everybody has Messenger. There’s only 1.6 billion Messenger users which means that if you don’t select messages as an objective, when you are running Messenger campaign to try to get Messenger subscribers, then you are going to miss out on those people that are not going to be able to message you because they don’t use Messenger but they are going to be seeing your ads. If so, if you select Messages as an objective, now, Facebook makes sure that whoever they’re sending that ad to has a Messenger channel, they have a Messenger app. Meaning that they are likely to engage with you on Messenger or at least more likely than somebody that doesn’t have Messenger.

Really cool stuff! So, that first step on the Messenger channel, that first thing that you do is actually key because now, when you are going to create campaigns, you don’t waste dollars. And that’s important because your dollars are really valuable. On Facebook, the first thing that you have to understand is that before anything else, you have to select that objective and there’s many of them – branding, awareness, consideration objectives like traffic, conversion, messages, lead generation. If you guys are not familiar with that, let’s say for example that you have a clinic, or you have a doctor’s office or a practice, if you have any of that stuff, then you are interested in generating leads. If you have a car salesman, if you have an insurance company, if you have an accounting service, all those types of businesses that are looking for leads, do you know that you don’t even have to create an actual website or landing page? Inside Facebook if you select the Lead Generation Objective, you can generate leads right inside Facebook. Meaning that you can create a mini landing page, a mini website, they call them micro websites inside Facebook that open up instantly. Once a person says, “I want to communicate with that business”, and now, once the person completes the information, you have access to a file inside the business manager that you can easily download at the Ads Manager Level that you can easily download to communicate with these people with their phone numbers, with their emails, with their addresses, without even having to send them to another website? How cool is that?

When I started doing this, a couple of years ago, running lead generation ads, it is one of the most powerful techniques for companies that are looking to generate leads, actual identities, names, numbers and email addresses. Also guys, because the way that Facebook has done it is very user-friendly. Meaning that when somebody opens up the form, it prefills all the information, it’s preloaded. Why? Because Facebook has that data. They know your phone number, they know your email, they know your physical addresses, they know your birthday. So, whatever information that you ask for, Facebook is going to prepopulate it, and now the person, all they have to do is submit the press button and off you go. That person is now yours. And, when you go to your ads manager, you can actually see that campaign and you can download a CSV file that you can use to contact these people. If you want to get a little bit more ninja down the line, well, as to generate more and more volume, you can actually connect your Facebook lead ads with your own CRM, Customer Relations Management, like sales force or a bunch of other ones that you have going on. And, when somebody completes the form, you instantly get that lead in your CRM and that person can also get an email that you programmed and even a text message that you have programmed.

So, it makes it so user-friendly. Guys, it has never been easier for you to generate a humongous amount of prospects and leads for your business. So there are no excuses for that. If your business is not growing, I can guarantee you that you are leaving money on the table by not investing heavily enough on understanding how to use the power of the Facebook platform. Basically, that’s what the objectives are all about. That’s the first step. After you select the objective, you’re going to have to select your audience. And then after your audience, you’re going to have to select your creative, meaning your message, your copy, your video or your images – all those things that are inside your business ads manager. But, the first step is selecting your objectives. Once you master that and you understand how to talk to Facebook and select objectives correctly, you’ve taken one step closer towards mastering Facebook ads platform.

Alright. So, I hope that you guys like that episode. And, it’s something for you guys to implement right away and see some results because in reality, it’s all about practicality. Go in there and start doing something with this technology now. Time to jump in. I’ll see you guys in the next podcast.  

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the podcast!
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