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Letting someone go from my organization is one of my least favorite things about running a business. 

But, it’s a reality of the business world. Not everyone is the right fit and not everyone will be on the same page with your business ethics. 

This is why hiring the right people, in the beginning, is so important. 

And hiring the right people is what we’re talking about in this week’s free workshop. You can register for that here if you haven’t already.

Now, even with a great hiring system in place, you need to have clear expectations for each position and each member of the team. 

This allows you, them, and the whole organization to move forward and grow. It also allows you to track down problems and remove people if they become detrimental to your business. 

It’s like the old saying “one bad apple can spoil the bunch.”

And if you discover a ‘bad apple’ it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

You might be wondering right now, “if you have such a great hiring system, why would things go wrong?”

That’s a great question. 

The answer is nothing is 100%. But, you also don’t know what is going on in everyone’s life. There are always external factors that could cause a good employee, over time, to stray. 

And it’s great to give 2nd chances if they just need to help with their job. But, if the person is being unethical, they need to be let go. Period. 

It’s better to slow down production a little bit and spread the work to others while you fill the empty position. Rather than let other people on the team be negatively affected.

My father had an analogy that said, “if you have a body part that’s bleeding out, it’s better to cut it off than lose the whole body.”

Again, if you want to see how we handle finding, hiring, and managing team members, specifically remote team members then you’ll want to join us Thursday, Feb. 10, at 6 pm EST for our free workshop on our hiring strategy.