Just a little rant on opportunity and the incredible world we live in. I am making it my personal mission to help at least a decent portion of people wake up to these opportunities in existence today. Sometimes the answer is quite simple. If you have dreams and ambitions, all you have to do is 2 simple things: LEARN and DO. Instagram TV is here! Get on it! Ride the wave!

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Podcast Transcription

Hey guys! So, I hope that you guys can hear me well. I’m just here uploading the raw audio file. I’m on a plane right now, about to land in a few minutes. But, I would actually go in here and give you guys some thoughts because usually on Friday’s, we’re going to try to launch a new podcast. And since I’m traveling, I’m going to be doing some seminars in Mexico city this weekend, part of learning tomorrow, on Saturday, I will not be able to give you guys the usual weekly podcast. But, yesterday I made a video about this because there are some very, very, very exciting things going on in the digital space particularly when it comes to content creation and capturing attention that I would do everything that I can if I were you guys, so just start getting in it. For a second, just try to picture if you were in the middle of the Amazon wave before products were being sold by regular people like me and you and you were able to put your products in there first whether that’s bed sheets or electronics or whatever. You probably are making a lot of money or probably have sold your company right now for several million dollars, hundreds of them probably because you rode that wave like crazy when it was brand new.

The same would do with Facebook advertising world in 2013, 2012, when they started actually being able to do a good job to monetize the channel, to give advertisers a good product. Well, there are advertisers including myself that when we started we were able to make a big bang on it, a big amount of impact because the platform was so incredibly cheap. I mean I have some campaigns that I was running, for example, video views. Back in 2013, 2014, I was paying $.0001 for every single person that viewed a video. It’s simply outrageous, right? So, right now you can’t do that anymore. It’s still really incredibly cheap. But, at that moment when it was launched, it was actually quite special, unique. All these platforms, they go through those stages. Like Google Adwords in early 2000, you can buy words and Google searches for like ¢5, ¢10. Right now, it’s going to be several dollars, right? So, let’s say on Youtube, in 2006 it was so cheap. In 2008, you can actually grow a channel like nothing and barely have to pay any money to create an impact in that channel and have people actually pay attention. It was so ridiculous,  right?

So, the same thing happened with Instagram when it started blowing up. I mean, I think it went from 0 to 50 million users in a couple of months and then to a hundred million users. In just last Monday it was 1 billion users. So now they have some massive attention. They are actually the third biggest social media platform right now on the planet right after Facebook and the second place, Youtube. So, they’re going to pass YouTube, especially at this speed. I mean, in the history of social media, no social media platform has ever grown faster not even Facebook. Nobody has grown faster than what Instagram has done. It is a little harder right now to break through. There’s still a massive opportunity. But, it is not the same opportunity you had three years ago with the platform, right? So, these things come and go. They appear and they disappear. They are ridiculously easy and then become a little bit more challenging. Like Amazon is a little more challenging right now. Still a massive opportunity. Still like there’s a lot to do on it and there’s a massive opportunity on it if you know what you’re doing, if you stop trying to be a product seller and you keep on trying to be a brand builder which is basically what I recommend everybody to be. Focus on building brands. Don’t focus on selling products. I mean, that’s the way Amazon sellers used to do it and make a big buck including myself, I made a lot of money being a product seller. But now, the way that you send out is by being an actual brand builder.

The reason that I’m really excited about this today is because obviously, you guys know that I’m a very strong believer in the Facebook platform, right? Forget about the Facebook platform in the Facebook business, in the organization, in the executives, and the people in it, and the people that are managing in making decisions. I’m a very firm believer in them and they have been proving themselves right every step of the way along the way throughout the last several years and making people have to equal. Last quarter where Facebook reported the earnings for the last 90 days they broke all records and they have some incredible growth and they’re dominating the world. They’re doing an incredible job in keeping the company profitable.  

So, the viewpoint here that I want you guys to have is we’re still in the early stages of the evolution of technology. Even though that it feels like it’s so integrated into our culture, it still pretty new. And, you’ve got to keep on spotting those opportunities. Let me tell you what a big opportunity is right now. Aside from the Facebook Advertising which we know that’s where it’s at, right? If you want to monetize, if you want to grow your business, if you are not invested in Facebook all in, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. You have to learn how to use that because that tool is a powerful tool that is going to help you expand your business. So, what’s the big opportunity guys right now that I’m so excited about? It’s called Instagram TV, okay? IGTV. There’s an application. If you don’t have it, you download it. I’m going to start putting a lot of video content in there because Instagram is actually promoting heavily. It is a stand alone app. It was launched a couple of days ago and you can access it through the app. You can search on the App Store whether it’s an Android or iPhone for IGTV and you will be able to access it and then you’re going to be able to follow all your content creators, all the people that you’ve already followed on your Instagram Channel is going to get connected there. So, you already have an audience of creators who follows and consumes your content. And, if you already have followers, then you already have an audience.

So, if you guys go to Instagram right now and check it out, you’re going to see that there are few icons here and there. For example, in my Instagram profile, if you want to find it, it’s called the Facebook Ninja. You search for Facebook Ninja and you’ll find me and I’m going to be doing a lot more of it now because I’m not really good talking on one minute rants and I usually like to overextend myself sometimes as you guys probably know because you’ve been listening to my podcast. And sometimes, I have into upload eight different 15-second segments in the Instagram Stories or a 1-minute video. It wasn’t my preferred platform and I knew it was a matter of time before Facebook lifted this restriction and now they have this incredible platform called IGTV which is made very special guys. Let me tell you why it’s so different and so special. It’s not YouTube, it’s not Snapchat, it’s not any of these platforms. These platforms example YouTube who is pretty much built for horizontal contents, right? Like that’s usually how people consume view on it. Instagram TV, IGTV is the first platform ever to be a pure video content platform that its intention is for exclusively vertical content. You can follow your content creators there and then you can just build your own channel in there. Super easy, super seamless and all you’ve got to do is you download the app, you connect it with your Instagram, you create a channel, you start putting content in there and people are going to get connected. And, not only that. Instagram is going to help you pull people into Instagram TV. For example, if you go to my profile, you’re going to see there’s a section already on my profile that is letting people know that I have an Instagram TV video and a channel that you can go ahead and follow or go to. Because you don’t have to pay to follow it, right? Like if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be able to see what I post on Instagram TV.

So, why do you think Instagram is doing this? Facebook is doing this? Let’s keep in mind that Facebook administers Instagram, right? It’s a Facebook managed company that Facebook is taking over completely and made it profitable like no other platform before. They made a lot of money. Last year, 2017, they produced $7 billion in revenue from the ads being sold. So, what did they just do? They just opened up this platform for a long-form content. If you have a more established channel following right now, you can do anywhere from 15 seconds to a whole hour videos on the Instagram TV, IGTV. If you are pretty new at it, then, Instagram is not going to let you do that. They’re going to let you 15 seconds to 15-minute length videos which is still incredible. Now, the word on the screen is that they’re going to eventually roll it out for everybody to be able to upload 60-minute videos. So, that’s going to be really powerful and it’s something that definitely I want you guys to start jumping in because you guys see the trend, you guys see Instagram taking over the world, right? It’s going to continue and the audiences are there and actually consuming content like crazy and the platform is really, really user friendly.

So, what is the big news here? Instagram TV is here and they’re coming after YouTube specifically with a vertical platform that is for consuming videos exclusively. You cannot even post pictures on it. You know what’s cool about it guys? You can write a title, just like you can in YouTube. You can write a description. Let me tell you something else that is really cool that is going to blow your mind. You can put links. You know how for example on Instagram, you have to write this copy and then it’s just kind of complicated to see the whole thing and you can’t bring the people out as they go to your profile, you put a link on your profile, go to my profile, go to my bio and click on the link there. Well, on this Instagram TV, once you post a video in there, you can write a description for it. And this description, you can put a link to send them to your website or anywhere else that you want.

What is the key here? Guys, if you are the early bird, if you jump in, you’re going to be able to blow up the channel and get there and get the most attention and get more than anybody else who ever will because you planned your roots. You basically positioned yourself as one of the first ones, the pioneers in that platform, you’re going to capture a lot of attention and take it to the next level guys. So, I say that you just start doing this today. Get in here. Just get into action and get something done. Do it. Don’t even think about it. Pull it out just like I did last night and start ranting and talk about what you want to talk about and start putting that attention in and see those people start paying attention and being interested in what you had to say. Eventually down the line, I don’t know when but it’s going to come at a new point, several months in the line, a year from now as they really get established, we’re going to have the opportunity to sell ads, you heard me right. You’re going to be able to sell ads on Instagram TV using the Facebook Business Manager. That is correct. Just like you can for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Marketing right now, they’re going to add Instagram TV into the equation and you’re going to be able to put ads in front of the long form content and then put long form content ads in front of these people on their feeds. Or, I don’t know what it’s called but it’s like a super user friendly platform that now you can start consuming content in there. You’re going to be able to put ads in there, you’re going to probably be able to do in-stream ads for videos. It’s just a new placement for them to be able to sell more advertising. How cool is that? And what do you think is going to happen once they launch this capability of being able to sell ads? Well, they are going to be very cheap because nobody else is going to be doing it.

So, what do I say guys? Jump in and take advantage of it because now is the time. It’s not tomorrow, it’s not next month. Do not go into analysis paralysis. Simply jump in and start doing something about it. Don’t worry about how you look. At the beginning, you’re going to create content for yourself. You’re going to start feeling that you don’t have big followers. You’re going to start feeling like you suck, maybe nobody cares but you get better with time. And in the first year or the first six months, it’s going to be about you developing that trust. Alright, guys. Time to jump in. I’m getting out of the plane. I’m getting ready for the seminar.

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the podcast!
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