On this podcast I will dive into the most important factor to your Facebook Ads results: The Customer Journey. The main error I see being done is ADVERTISERS and BRANDS being romantic about their products and going for the direct sale. This usually turns out to be a losing campaign. Eventually, brands and advertisers give up and quit. What is working on Facebook today? That’s exactly what I will cover on today’s podcast. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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The Facebook Customer Journey

Podcast Transcription

Hope you’re doing fantastic on this day and hope you’re having an awesome weekend so far. Today I want to talk about the Customer Journey on Facebook which is something that I’ve been seeing a lot of mistakes recently. People that are doing Facebook Ads, a lot of them that are actually just trying to convert people into customers without having them actually be connected with the brand first somehow. That’s one of the main reasons that I see people that are actually running Facebook Ads, Messenger Ads, Instagram Ads, and are not getting what they expect! The thing about it is that what’s going on right now guys is that, in reality, we all have these devices that we call smartphones. So now imagine this, for those of you guys that have been around for a long time like how expensive, what’s to produce content a couple of decades ago or even 12 years ago, how ridiculous it was and how not affordable it was for a company to bring in an editing team, a video team, and some rock stars to be able to produce some content.

Well, it’s really expensive. A lot of these companies spend $10,000-$25,000 in producing content on videos. Well right now, what’s going on is that any of you guys, us, we are all right now in the content creation world, we are all content creators because we have this thing called smartphones. There’s actually a lot of content being produced. I know businesses being built just by using their Facebook accounts directly through their phones and doing Facebook lives and videos, and things like that. So it’s really, really important to understand why is content so important today.

A couple of reasons. One of them is because it works. When you provide value to the world, when you give them something that they can use to improve their lives, what happens is that you build relationships and those relationships get stronger with time. It’s a very simple math. Like today you build 5 relationships and maybe you lose 1. Well then tomorrow you build another 5, so now you have 8. Then the next day, you build another 5, so now if you lose 1 every day, now you have 13. And then they just keep adding up, or 12. So it’s a very logical system that as you provide value and as you educate the world or you give them information, a document that explains to them how to do some kind of video tutorial, anything that you can provide a value, that is actually positioning you as somebody that is actually making a difference in these people’s lives.

So what I’m seeing right now being done incorrectly is that people are not being actually put through a customer journey. And this is what’s working right now. Back in the day, you couldn’t afford it. But guys, thanks to Facebook Ads, Messenger, Instagram, and all the other placements that we have going on today like right now you can do Facebook Marketplace, you can do ads on it. Messenger Home, you can do Audience Network, you can do all kinds of different ninja crazy stuff. Even like for example like one thing that recently Facebook launched a few months ago is something that they call Connected TV Ads in which you can actually run Facebook Ads with the same targeting on actual connected tv’s. For example, somebody opens up the A&E platform, their app on their Chrome device or their Amazon Fire TV, or their Apple TV or whatever and people are usually logged in to Facebook in there. And since they’re logged in, they can actually put ads in there and you can do a 15-second ad inside the connected tv ad. So it’s really cool stuff. I’m just deviating a little bit but just to tell you guys how there are lots of opportunities for you to put your message out there like crazy.

So this was before not possible because if you think about it, if you were doing television ads back in 1998 or even the year 2000 or even today, you have to come up with a creative, a video that you can actually pay a lot of money to put out there and just basically run the same thing over and over and over again and hope that you get the results that you’re expecting. That’s the way it was always done. You did not have access to being able to really retarget video watchers, people that are seeing your content, website visitors and all these other things that we have access to today. This is a brand new phenomenon of this word. Yes. Google Adwords, marketing through Google Search, retargeting and all those things, it has been around for like over a decade already, 15 or 18 years or so right now. But in reality, nobody has done it better than Facebook right now. And trust me, I’ve been growing YouTube platforms and doing Google Adwords for several years. So it’s not about me being a Facebook guy, it’s just that I’m particularly obsessed with the opportunity right now because nothing provides us a bigger opportunity, return on investment like it’s presenting to us right now. It’s really insane guys. It’s just ridiculous how much you can get for how little money. That’s what’s going on right now.

So what I would tell you guys is that you have to first understand how different the platforms are and how different the marketing landscape is. There was this famous rule in the marketing world called the rule of 7. The rule of 7 in advertising is a rule that states that people don’t trust you unless they have seen your face seven times at least. And this is still true in the digital world guys. It’s very difficult to convert cold traffic into buyers especially like full price buyers, somebody that’s buying a product without a discount. Yes, you can convert them in your Amazon seller and you want to actually convert 70%, 90% buyers that people that have never seen your face since you have an Amazon brand. Amazon has a big branding effect so they are basically covering for that rule of 7 because they see in Amazon a lot.

But other than that guys, converting cold traffic, building a brand, requires that you put yourself in front of them many, many times. So that’s one of the things that’s going on right now that if you’re trying to run single campaigns, direct selling campaigns, generating leads, website conversions like for example purchases or lead generation, or Messenger subscribers or if you’re trying to do whatever you’re trying to do to convert these people into actually a lead or an actual customer, you’ve got to understand that people have not seen you enough. So the cost of advertising goes up insanely.

Now you might think like, “Wait for a second, I just don’t have enough money to be able to advertise to just brand people and create this rule of 7 effect.” Well, I want you to take a look at that again because in reality and based on my experience guys, it’s going to drive down the cost of advertising dramatically because on the first point of contact, meaning the top of the funnel, then you actually just provide value and don’t sell them anything. You can actually give them a freebie and send them into Messenger if you want. Hey, you’re giving away something. You’re not selling them anything. You can actually just give them a tip, a tutorial, give them something to do that is going to improve their lives. Provide some value. Do something that is actually something that they’re interested in doing to improve their lives.

Like something that I say on my seminars is that look, if you are not improving somebody else’s life with your business, you’re not in business. You’re in the money-making business and that’s not the only thing that we care about. We are trying to provide and create products that are really making a  difference in a person’s life that are really providing value to these people and actually giving them something that they actually can use to generate some benefit for themselves.

So whatever you guys are doing, whatever your brand is, whether you have a toy brand, an organic food brand, a service agency of some sort, you have a consulting business, you have a beauty line, you have a supplement line, you have a line of gardening tools, it doesn’t matter what you have and what you’re doing, you have to understand that what you’re doing is you’re actually providing other human beings tools, services, equipment, that they can use to improve the results on something that they’re trying to do. You are using something that they can use to improve on the areas of difficulties or problems that they’re having in their lives. So if you understand that then everything else becomes a little bit easier. Then what you have to do is establish a customer journey. And I want you to learn about this because this is something that now we have access to.

This is the brand new phenomenon in this world that we live in today. The ability to create a journey was not possible before. Now, what do I mean? Well, in the first point of contact, let’s say that you call that like level 1, you don’t sell them anything. You simply don’t provide any pitch. You just simply provide value. So now, in your Ads Manager on Facebook, you can go to the Audiences tab and now, what you would do in this particular second step is that if you’re going to level 2, you’re actually creating an audience of people that engaged with your content, people that have visited your website, people that have seen your videos, they kind of visited your homepage, they actually maybe saw 50% of your video. All those things can be created inside the Business Manager on Facebook. So now you have these audiences of people that you’re using to build that second connection, level 2.

And then on level 3, maybe you can build an audience of people now that instead of not just watching your videos or going to your website, they actually went and looked at your product pages and they saw what you have to offer and they maybe opted in and they got a freebie on Messenger or something like that. So that’s a customer journey.

And now on the 4th level, maybe these people already added something to their cart. So that’s another level. Somebody actually got interested enough in your product that now, they grabbed your product, whatever the product is, and they added to cart and they almost purchased it. I believe that about 75% of the people that actually add your products to cart don’t end up purchasing your product. It’s an insanely high number. But these people were interested enough. It was high enough the interest that they actually went ahead and they added the item to cart. They just didn’t complete the purchase. That’s another point of contact. So now, on the 4th level, you can actually continue to communicate with these guys and try to get them to complete their purchase.

Now, level 5 guys. That’s like the top of the line. Why? Because these guys right now, right here, the ones that are at the bottom of the funnel, the ones that are your customers, you can do so many different things with these guys. Do you know that on average, 80% of business’ revenue out there on average is a recurring revenue? Most people, especially Amazon sellers have completely disregarded this particular fact. The fact that building relationships with people is the same important thing that you have to do to really build a business. Why? Because most of these businesses, their revenue revolves around their existing customer base already. People that already trusted them enough to give them their money.

I think that I heard the other day a number. People that actually have bought from you before are seven times more likely to purchase from you again. So your customers are your biggest and most important asset. What can you do with these guys? Guys! What can you not do with these guys? It’s incredible. You can do retargeting of them on Facebook. You can do for example if you have the product catalog set up on your shop which you can easily set up if you have a Shopify channel, then you can easily bring those guys back by saying something like “Hey! I saw you purchased this product 60 days ago. Here’s a 10% discount for you to buy this product again.” And you can set that up correctly. You can also cross-sell. You can sell up-sell on a program. You can get them into a subscription with a discount for your products. You can do product launches because they already trust your brand with them. There are many things that you can do with these guys up there that are already in a relationship with you. So the customer journey, guys, just to summarize, we’ve got number 1, cold, right? People that have not seen anywhere, anything about you. Number 2, they saw your videos, they went to your homepage on your website, they have seen 25% of your video, or they saw 50%, or 75%, or 95%, or whatever it is, they sent you a message, they engaged with your page, they liked your page, your Fan Page, they follow you on Instagram, all those things, right? Those are number 2.

Number 3, you have the people that actually visited your websites. They went to the different pages on your product page. They were actually swimming around on your website a little bit more and was more obvious. Like for example, when you create an audience on Facebook at the Audience Tab, you create your audience of your top 25% visitors. And, you can do that and you can continue to communicate with these guys because those are the ones that have shown the most interest in your page. That could be a blog that you are actually trying to retarget these people that are already visiting your blog and you want to sell them a product. It could be product pages that they’re seeing around. Basically, there are endless combinations of what you can do with this.

Number 4, people have added things to cart. You can continue communicating with these guys and try to get them to take the next step and complete the purchase. And number 5 is going to be your most important valuable asset which is basically your existing customer base.

There are other things that you can do. For example, at the level 5 guys, these people that are your customers already, it’s so powerful what you can do with them. Why? Because there’s something called a Lookalike Audience. For example, if you upload your list of customer files on Facebook on the Audience level which you can easily do very easily, you go to Audience, you go to Create Audience, you go to Custom Audience, and you upload your file with the phone numbers and with the emails, you can actually give that to Facebook and then you can tell Facebook, “Facebook, can you please find me similar looking people?” That’s called a Lookalike Audience. You can build a Lookalike Audience of people that are your existing customers and just work on finding them on Facebook. Facebook actually goes ahead and they find people that have at least 6 similar characteristics to the people that already trusted you and purchased products from you.

So the thing that you have to understand is that Facebook is not about, my point is this. Facebook is not about grabbing one single ad, one single super awesome creative and a video and putting it out there and just running it like crazy and then turning around and saying, “Manuel, Facebook Ad didn’t work for me. They suck!” No! That doesn’t work. You need to establish a strategy that builds relationships. And you’ve got to do more content that you can think of. You do content, you put it out there, you retarget people, you retarget website visitors, video watchers, you build a funnel along the way. Grab a big white board and build that funnel from video watcher to Messenger subscriber or email list to then another video to product visitors, people that visit the pages to customers. Build a funnel that makes sense. This subject guys, I can do a whole seminar on it. And I cover it a lot in my Facebook Master’s Course which for me obviously is such a make-break point of success to be able to have this data correctly.

I want you to pay attention to that. That’s basically my rant of the day. I want you guys to work on this and understand that the single campaigns are not effective and do not work anymore. They do not work on Facebook and Instagram or Messenger. They work on television in the good old days but not anymore. People are not opting into those campaigns anymore so you have to build those relationships and use the power that Facebook has given you like getting all that data for you as the people that are watching your video, visiting your websites, engaging with your page, sending you messages and all those stuff. And use that data to be able to communicate with the right people step by step along the way and get them into your funnels. It’s about building that funnel.

Alright, guys. I hope that you liked this content. I hope that you’re killing it out there on Facebook. If you’re not, it’s never too late. We’re actually really, really, really early in the game. So, I’ll see you in the next podcast. If you want to send me a message I will love to hear from you, hear your thoughts and see what are your pinpoints and how else can I help you. m.me/theninjamarketer is the actual website. If you’re going to search that address, you’re going to go straight to my Messenger. m.me/theninjamarketer. Alright, guys. See you in the next podcast.

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