I’ll cover a very important subject: Ads Optimization. Many advertisers that I see fail to take a “set it & forget it” approach. The digital world is changing too fast and that is a recipe for absolute disaster and disappointment. There is a routine that should be established daily to keep your results not only stable but improving consistently. Enjoy the podcast! Do the FREE Facebook Ads mini-courses here: ManuelSuarez.com/minicourses To be notified for the next Facebook Masters Course launch, click this link: manuelsuarez.com/waitlist

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Podcast Transcription

Hey guys, hello again. Hope you’re having a fantastic day wherever you may be on the planet. I would love to hear from you guys. I know I have a lot of listeners now and it’s been growing quite fast and I’ve been getting people to send me messages on my Messenger channel which if you don’t know how to send me a message there, it’s super simple, m.me/theninjamarketer. It’s going to send you straight to my Messenger channel that you can send me a message and ask me a question or whatever it is that you have in your mind. I would love to get a little bit more connected to you guys and find out where you’re from, what are your interests, why are you listening to me. Probably you are listening to me because you want to learn about Facebook Ads, I would assume. Maybe you see me around on seminars, or you’re my student, or I don’t know exactly where you’re from but you’re definitely interested in this subject that I have to cover so I would love to get more of a feel as to the people that are listening to my podcast. This is something that I’m really passionate about.

Actually today, I was making a decision that I’m going to try to bump it up and try to do 2 episodes per week. Because I definitely have an enormous list of content that I can share with you guys that just by you guys listening to it would definitely improve your Facebook Ads results.  

I had a student, this is what I want to talk about today, that was asking me the other day, a couple of days ago. If you guys don’t know what I’m talking about a student, I have a course called the Facebook Master’s Course that I just launched for the first time about four weeks ago and I’m going to be opening up again in about 4 months probably, maybe 5. If you want to find out when it opens up again, you can join the waitlist. I’m going to put a link down below on the description of this podcast so that you can just click on it and register to be notified. And also you can be part of my list so I can give you guys more consistent news and updates and content throughout email and other places.  

But anyways, she was asking me, she’s spending an hour or two every single day optimizing their ads and she couldn’t quite figure out exactly how to go about doing that. It felt like it was a lot of time. Like what would I do for an hour or two fixing my ads and optimizing my ads? Well, this is the thing, guys. The Facebook Ads game right now, it’s such a dynamic game and things change so fast that if you don’t plan into your routine being able to consistently monitor your results, you’re going to be in trouble quite fast. Case in point. I am an example of that. I have an agency. I run marketing for a bunch of different companies. Some of them are big. Some of them are smaller. But I have noticed that when I don’t pay attention myself to it closely, our results go down. So I have to continuously be updating and looking into it and make sure that my staff, the guys that work with me know exactly what’s going on and how to optimize so I can do training.

I actually do training on them weekly on a live conference call because I have staff from all over the world – Philippines, Mexico, United States, Europe, etc. I train them consistently on how to optimize the ads. Now, when I say optimize, what does that even mean? Like if you’re a traditional advertiser, traditional marketer, like wait for a second, I only optimize my ads once every three months or every six months. I change the copy or do a new artwork or do a new video for the television every six months. Know more the case guys. Right now, you have to consistently be willing to update and change and correct and test all kinds of different things in order to ensure that your results on Facebook stay consistent and not only that, continue to improve because there are couples of reasons for that.

Number 1, Facebook is still really cheap so the phenomenon of what they call Ad Fatigue, meaning an Ad has been shown to too many people so now, people are tired of seeing it, they go blind. By the time that they see it the 3rd, 4th or 5th time, they don’t even see it anymore, and it starts going expensive because I have explained before to you guys that Facebook Ads are determined by the User Experience.

So if somebody is actually seeing your ads but for some reason, it’s been displayed over and over and over to this person, then, the price is going to go up because the user experience is going to be affected. So, there’s something called frequency on Facebook which if you go to your dashboard and you go to Customize Your Columns, and you search for frequency, you’re going to be able to put that in there, it tells you how many times the same person has seen the ad on average. Out of your entire audience, what is the average time that the people have seen the ad? When that goes above two and a half, three, or four, you know that your ad is going to get fatigue if it’s not already fatigue. Meaning that it’s going to go up in price. So you have to continuously optimize and adjust because if you don’t do this, then your price is going to go up, and then you’re going to wonder what happened to your Facebook Ads results.

Now, sometimes it’s very easy to optimize. Sometimes you can reboot an entire campaign just by changing a couple of small details. Let me give you an example of what I would do if I want to optimize one day. So right now, I went into one of the campaigns and I saw that my staff were targeting about a hundred interest in one single ad set. Meaning that the audience had about a hundred different interest in it. We’re trying to reach people that are connected with the business world, entrepreneurs. They were targeting people that were fans of Gary Vaynerchuck, Russell Brunson. They were targeting people that were interested in entrepreneurship, online marketing, all these different things. Other were then jumbled into one particular ad set. Fine, this is not something that my team has done horribly wrong because we used a tool, it’s a really advanced software that is called connect.io. I’m not an affiliate with it but it’s a software that you can plug in a bunch of different interests and it would tell you where are you getting the most results from that particular set of interest.

That’s the story for another day. But the point is that I saw that this was the main issue why we were not getting results at this point. So what I did was I copied this ad set, duplicated it. There’s a button that you can check on and just duplicated the whole thing. And I duplicated it five times and I got one interest per ad set which is something that I recommend that you do. And I brought it down to about a million people per ad set and then I submitted those 5 interests that I copied and I’m running that campaign, the exact same ad. But now, more highly targeted and testing out five unique audiences.

Now, this is important. In order to ensure there is no overlap, meaning audiences going to other audiences. Like for example there’s a fan of Gary Vaynerchuck but is also a fan of Russell Brunson. If I don’t exclude Gary Vaynerchuk from the Russell Brunson ad set then they’re both going to be targeted on both sides. So now, I start competing against myself. So you want to make sure that you exclude the other ones that you’re selecting in that campaign. Really ninja stuff. Simple, very ninja. So what I did is I created those 5 ad sets and I started running them on the same ad. Right away this does a whole reboot and I can start seeing results again. That’s something that I can optimize.

Now, what’s something else that I can optimize? Guys, if you’re running, for example, an age range of 24 to 29, then you can test out maybe 29 to 34 as an additional audience to test out. If for example, you are running a particular demographic then you can actually expand that and maybe instead of going on a mile radius of 10 miles, maybe go to 15 miles, 20 miles. That’s an optimization of the ad. If you were running a specific placement, for example, let’s say that you are actually running exclusively on the Facebook News Feed, if you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to start learning about this thing because this is all inside the Business Ads Manager. The placement is where the ad is being shown on, right? There’s like Instagram Stories, Facebook News Feed, there’s the Audience Network, there’s the Instagram News Feed, then there’s like Messenger Home and then now there’s the newest one which is called the Marketplace. It’s like eBay’s competition. There are Connected TV Ads. A bunch of different placements. So you can choose the one that you want to test out.

But if you want to optimize something, maybe you can add a new placement that you aren’t selecting before. And that’s going to give the ad a new life. That’s one change that you can make. What is another change? Well, there’s a bunch of things that you can do on the ad set level. For example, another thing that you can change is the optimization delivery. Meaning that instead of optimizing for reach, you can maybe optimize for impressions. Those are 2 separate things. Like reach is an optimization in which you want to actually reach like be placed in front of as many eyeballs as possible, as many different eyeballs as possible. If you optimize for impressions, you’re going to try to put yourself in front of the audience as many times as possible. If you’re running a traffic campaign, you can optimize for landing page views. Or maybe you can optimize for website clicks. There are variations of these. You can actually go ahead and look at your ad set and see all the different options that you can try so you can basically do a reboot on your ad.

Sometimes, when you’re having a successful campaign that is doing decent and you don’t want to mess with it, my advice to you is to, if you are at the ad set level, guys remember, there are three levels here – campaign, ad set, and ad. If you are at the ad set level then you can actually just do a checkbox, checkmark it, and select the option that’s right above it that says duplicate. And once you duplicate, you just make the changes that you want to make and now you run it and see if that lowers the results. Maybe if you did a good job of duplicating and testing out on new things, the results go down in price. So now, you can turn off the older one and keep on running and scale the newer one. That’s all done within the ad set.

This same exact process guys, you can run it at the ad level. At the ad level, optimization is basically composed of 5 different things. You can actually optimize and change the description which is something that is going to go right under the headline of your ad that has some text on it. You can write something else in there, just try to convert a little bit more a different amount or percentage of people. Then, there’s like a headline. Facebook calls it a headline but it’s right under the actual video or the image that you’re using. That’s another element of the ad. You can change that.

One thing that I like to use is a quick little tip. I like to use the arrows pointing towards the call to action. That way I can give the person a signal of what I want them to do. For example, “Download your free copy here —>”, and a point towards the download button call to action. Another element is the call to action by itself. Like you can have a Download, More Info, Visit Store, Shop Now, etc. There are different call to actions that you can actually change to try to get better results and more people to actually click on that call to action. You can test that out.

What is the other element right above that? You have a video or you have the image. You can test out different images. You can test out different videos. You can run what they call a Carousel Video Ad, meaning more than one video. Or You can do a Carousel Image Ad for the same cost which is more than one image. You can sometimes add up to 10 images on the same ad that displays a lot of information about your product and about what you’re trying to communicate, your story.

And then the other element which is the first one and I would say the most important one is your text. Your text is what you see above any image or any video above the Facebook Ad. Meaning that if you have a video, the text is the first thing that people encounter. For example, let’s say that you want to communicate about a particular problem that you’re solving with your product. Your product is an actual grilling equipment cleaner so maybe you can say something like “Tired of seeing your barbecue being messed up?” Or “Tired of seeing your barbecue torn to pieces within its first year? Let me show you what this tool can do.” So somehow or another, in the first line or two of that text, you capture the attention and you make people consume your content. You make them see your videos or see your images and eventually go see your website and what you have to offer.

This is another element. So when you’re actually optimizing your ad, your creative, you have several areas that you can work on, when the results already started getting expensive and you need to optimize because the ad, it looks like it’s getting fatigued. So those are the things that you can do by definition guys, optimization is improving the results of something. Making something better, making something so that it produces a better quality of something, a better result in a particular area. So when you’re optimizing, you can actually just think about what are the different options that Facebook is giving you as a power source for you to be able to simply use to your advantage and get it implemented into your Facebook Campaign.

There are campaigns, there are audiences, there are ads. Sometimes, it can be simple guys. For example, you’re generating subscribers at $3 per subscriber and you think you should be generating them at a quarter each, well, sometimes, it’s as simple as this – you can grab the entire campaign, all of the audience, all of the ad completely and create a brand new one from scratch. But, let’s say that you are doing a Traffic Campaign with a link for them to go and visit your Messenger. Maybe now you can test out Messenger Reply as the objective. Because when you do this, Facebook will actually optimize to get you more results and put you in front of people that are more likely to engage with you on the Messenger Channel because they have shown Facebook that they are into using the Messenger Channel. I hope that makes sense.

It could also be vice versa. A couple of months ago, guys, I thought that the Messenger Reply was the best option. That’s the objective right? Instead of traffic, you have an option called Messenger Reply. I thought that I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. I actually grabbed the whole thing and I copied it to a traffic campaign and decided to use a special link that is called a Reference URL that when somebody clicks on it, they actually go directly into my Messenger and I can give them a special freebie, a document or something. And when I did this, my results went incredibly lower. Like I was paying a quarter of what I was paying with the Messenger reply. So you never know, you can really be romantic about the way that you actually run your ads because sometimes there’s going to be something different. That’s just the way it works. Sometimes whatever you expect is going to happen doesn’t happen. And then vice versa. So you have to be willing to test out things until you find the actual thing that works out for you the best.

In reality, it can vary dramatically from person to person, from business to business, from brand to brand, and it’s all about testing. The more that you test, the more that you can ensure that along the way, this actually is producing what you expected to produce. Does that make sense to you guys? I hope it does.

So optimization is a process that is continuous. Now, as you guys grow and as you scale, you can actually get people to help you on this and that’s what I did, I actually have a business right now. I have a lot of virtual assistants. I have a lot of people help me optimize based on my training. You create training and you get them set up to actually run this for you and optimize consistently. But the whole process of Facebook Ads, of optimizing Facebook Ads is a process that never really ends. If you want to continuously get results, you have to be willing to continuously adjust, update, and correct your ads along the way. Because at the end of the day guys, Facebook is still going to be really cheap and you can not just set it and then forget it because this is going to run through the audience really really fast and now it’s time for you to update and create a new message, and build a new strategy, a new funnel, a new process that is going to get these people towards becoming your customers.

Alright, so get ready to optimize. I hope that that makes sense to you. I want to hear from you guys if you guys agree. If you disagree, I would love to hear from you, too, about this. I want to see more activity on my Facebook Page so you guys can go in there and send me some messages on my Messenger, m.me/theninjamarketer. If you guys have any particular pinpoints, areas of difficulty that you want me to cover, I would love to hear it from you guys. That’s what feeds me every single day and I’m using that to produce even more content that you guys can take advantage of nonstop. Okay, so m.me/theninjamarketer. If you want to sign up to be notified of the next Facebook Master’s Course Launch which is people are really excited about what’s going on with the course and getting a lot of progress on it. Well, go ahead and click the link below that is going to give you an access to going to that waitlist to be notified. Alright?

Okay, guys, I will see you on the next episode of the Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast.


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