After a few years of business building experience, I can tell you that success really boils down to 2 major areas:





You hear me mainly talk about the former subject (Marketing) majority of the time, of course, but today, in this article, I’m gonna talk about the latter, which is a topic very near and dear to my heart, and perhaps a lot of you may need some help in this area because it’s such an underutilized area that people need to pay special attention to, and that is building an organization of staff. It is KEY to build a team of people who help you to implement all the activities needed in order to expand your business in this world and era of social media.


What people don’t realize is that they need to be able to actually master an area, and then hand it over to somebody else to do it for them, otherwise they never scale and grow. For example, I am a Facebook Marketer, right? I do Facebook advertising. Throughout the last several years, I have built some incredible businesses, and I have also helped many of my clients build some incredible businesses by mastering Facebook advertising.


Back in 2015, I realized I was fortunate to have a marketing mind. I had built a very successful online business for myself, generating over 600K in monthly sales in less than 2 years. Up to that point, it had only been 3 of us handling ALL of the customer service, inventory management, copywriting, email marketing, funnel building, Facebook Advertising, Strategy development, sourcing, finances and on…and on.

But I knew that was it for me. I knew that I had reached a point in which scaling was simply impossible if things remained as they were. I remember looking at my partner and saying to him, “This is the end of the road. I literally don’t have enough hours in the day to keep going like this.” I KNEW that although what I was doing was good, if I wanted to scale and take us to the next level, I would need to make a decision that I had avoided making before:



That was the biggest day of my business career. Simply deciding that provided me with a sense of relief I had yearned for.  

So I began writing ✍️ down ALL the actions that I took. Every single piece of every single thing I did.

I stopped thinking that no one else can do the job as well as I could. I came to the realization that that’s an egocentric train of thought, one where you have this god-like feeling and you minimize the power of others around you.

That sentiment is a sure recipe for failure as an entrepreneur. Sure, I’m not saying it’s not true. But it’s that exact thought that will guarantee your entrapment.  

Once I had all these actions written down, I started looking for help. I found this company called 20four7va and to my surprise, I hit the jackpot . (More on this in just a few minutes.)


Fast forward to PRESENT TIME…


Do you know how many actual campaigns I now create myself, on a daily basis? ZERO. I don’t. Why? Because I scaled myself, and that allows me to think in other areas; to expand my reach into other areas I know are gonna help my business keep expanding along the way.


As you build and grow in your own business, as you establish product lines, brands, listings, e-commerce platforms, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram followings, and you create all of your own content, and handle all of those things yourself, you have got to come to realize that you need to segment your work along the way. You need to begin segmenting your activities as you grow, so you can hand them over to different departments every single time. That way you get to build a real business, and you become a real executive of your company, that keeps the company looking up, always expanding and growing as you go. To experience true success in growth, this is NOT optional; it’s something that needs to be utilized, and today, more than ever, we have opportunities to really scale a team to be able to create a massive impact across a brand.


I’m just not talking here. To make it real, let me give you a quick example involving myself:


I walked this exact path a couple of years ago, and I’ve been able to build this incredible business with all of these people under me, who now are not just employees of mine. The people who work for me, they feel like they’re a part of something special. A movement. They feel like their company is their family. I have helped them survive better, I have helped them improve the quality of their lives, and overall, their lives are better across the board, because of their experience with a company like my company, which is so concentrated on helping them to improve their own lives. Because let me tell you one thing, If you don’t have staff members EXPANDING with you…If you don’t have them achieving THEIR dreams and goals…If you don’t have them accomplishing what they want at your company in the job that you’ve given to them…then YOUR COMPANY DOESN’T GROW IN THE WAY THAT IT COULD.


My job is to keep my staff winning all the time, and for them to keep feeling like they’re accomplishing GREATNESS within their own areas. This is something that I encourage you all to focus A LOT on, so that you have a team of people who share the same type of drive, energy, and are pushing toward new and higher levels of ability and skill, and helping each other out along the way.


Let me tell you another thing — For me, I have a lot of clients, and I service a lot of people, and I sell a lot of products. A CUSTOMER is never — (and this may be counterintuitive to a lot of people, like, the whole saying “The customer is always right”) — A customer, to me, is NOT more important than one of my staff members. It’s simply not more important. What IS important is cohesiveness and teamwork among your team. When you have a staff who is aligned with your vision for your company (which is also THEIR company and they are proud to be a part of it), the opportunities are endless for everyone involved.



Now, back to what I was saying about when I hit the jackpot with my first outsourced staff…

I remember how lucky I felt when I first found a “mini-me” on 20four7va. Of course, I admit that I DID get lucky. It doesn’t always happen for everyone exactly like it did for me, or as quickly. But it DOES happen. This should reassure you that there’s Talent out there, and they want to help. People are out there who are READY to join your Crusade.

There are people in this interconnected world who are dreaming about OPPORTUNITIES. People who are dreaming about finding a “Boss” like you. Able, smart, hard-working and above all…LOYAL.  

Once you find the first person, things start getting easier. You start being able to breathe. You can finally start thinking about those actions that you know are going to help your business go to the next level or get out of its plateau.  

The moral of the story is…

Build your business by building your team and scaling your own abilities.

You will be incredibly surprised by the enormous amount of talent out there, desperate for an opportunity.

I’m not talking only in your country. Think outside the box. We live in the internet era. Barriers have been lifted.  

Philippines, Europe, America, Latin America, ANYWHERE where the internet exists.

The bad news for those of you not willing to put in the work: you are running out of excuses .