In this episode I will explain why I am rebranding my podcast. I’m going to start diving in to the biggest opportunity in our history for marketing our brand and/or our services. I will also provide you with some tips regarding the subject of content marketing and how to go about implementing it.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Announcement – The Facebook Marketing Ninja


Podcast Transcription

Hey guys, Manuel Suárez here again with the formerly known Power of Marketing Podcast. Today, I decided to rebrand the channel because I realized that a lot of people’s attention has been on the subject of learning really well how to dominate Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Messenger Marketing and all the current platforms that are really capturing attention right now and doing it better than anybody else.

When I decided to name my podcast the Power of Marketing Podcast is because I didn’t want to be known as the Facebook Guy only because the thing is that what I really am is a marketing guy. This is my area of skill. I happen to be really good at recognizing what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing for any particular business. It doesn’t matter what it is. But, in that area of obsession that I’ve had in the last several years, I’ve become really really good, proficient on the subject of Facebook Marketing. When I say Facebook Marketing, I’m talking about the greatest marketing opportunity of our lifetimes, of our existence in humanity. Because this is the thing, no other platform has made a level plain field when it comes to communicating a message and getting yourself in front of so many people. So, I’ve been obsessed with the opportunity on Facebook and I got really good at it. Even though I’ve done a lot of YouTube throughout the years and I’ve built some big channels on YouTube and did a lot of Google Adwords and I’ve done a lot of marketing towards websites and e commerce development, and Amazon, and all those things which is all of them are marketing. I am particularly concentrated on these platforms to feed all the systems. It doesn’t matter if you have a local service or national or international, this is a platform that if you know how to use it, you can capture unlimited attention, because that’s what it has – it has unlimited attention. And, you can build your businesses, it doesn’t matter what they are.

So, I actually had the opportunity to work with all kinds of different entrepreneurs for the last couple of years and all kinds of models and businesses and I have realized that the opportunity penetrates any particular business that you have because all businesses provide a particular value that resolves somebody else’s problem that they have or that improves somebody else’s problem whether it is entertainment or health or consumer, whatever. You know what I mean? It’s just like it applies to anything. So, my area of expertise, I’m just announcing it here officially on this podcast. I’m going to call myself the Facebook Marketing Ninja and that Facebook Marketing Ninja because that’s the big word that I use. I remember from my earlier training days we used to talk about ninja techniques and ninja marketing and things like that. So, it’s a word that has stuck by with me throughout the years and I think that really communicates what I’m trying to do which is be really good in this subject of marketing, modern marketing, and concentrating right now in the biggest opportunities.

So, to give you a specific of why I am all Facebook, I can give you a simple analogy of when you have a poker player that has a royal flush which is the best hand in poker. That poker player can do all kinds of poker faces. But if it has certain amount of chips, usually he goes all in because he knows that that hand that he has is a very unique hand, it cannot be beaten. So, what’s going on right now with something like Facebook Marketing, again, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, they all revolve around the same company – Facebook – then, it doesn’t make sense to actually pass on the hand that is actually capturing so much attention with so little money. So I’m rebranding the podcast. This is my official announcement towards this new thing that I’m going to go after because I realized that that’s what people need and that’s what they want – they want to learn how to use these platforms successfully, not just how to be a marketer but how to use the marketing potential of these platforms through the max.

So, I’m going to keep on talking to you guys about this. I want to get more questions from you. I have a lot of knowledge to share. I have a lot of understanding of this particular platform and how it works and what’s the best way to go about using it. So I’m going to be concentrating my education towards all of you guys to making you masters, making you ninjas on this subject because at the end of the day, the ones that are winning the game are the ones that have the most knowledge. That’s how you win the game. With knowledge, you can actually dominate and control these platforms. It applies to everything else in life. If you‘re really good at riding a bicycle, then you can actually go on a bicycle and ride up and down and never fall. But if my son, 7 y/o is not that good in a bicycle take his training wheels off or whatever, he’s going to have a tough time riding that bicycle. So, everything revolves around knowledge. If you have the right knowledge, you can put it into play and see results. And it happens to me every single day of my life. I actually get some knowledge, I apply it and I see the results, I get blown away and then I can teach it and talk to you guys about it because this is the thing, what I’m able to accomplish right now with my company, with my agency, with the people that I help is so incredible that I myself wouldn’t dream about accomplishing all these stuff. And I’ve seen it recently – people that actually learn what I’m teaching and apply it and see the massive incredible results and what they get from it – it’s simply amazing. So, what you can do with knowledge, it’s empowering every individual to be able to accomplish what they dream about for themselves.

So, I’m going to be focusing on that. So, to answer one question that I got today on my Messenger which just so you guys know if you want to send me a question on Messenger, it’s the easiest way for me to be able to see the questions coming in and I look at them every single day and I can engage now that I have attention from you guys there. You send me messages there, I’m going to be replying to them and actually using them to provide more content and more education so you can tell me what you have in your mind, what you want to learn about, what are your struggles, what is an area that you want to explore a little bit more about.

So, I got a question from a person that wrote to me on the Messenger today that she was asking me about the content strategy – how much content, how much should be done, what amount, she wanted to do certain amount of articles, blog posts and videos and all those questions. The answer is actually quite simple, you should do all of them or as much as you can. How much content is necessary in order to build your brand? It depends on you. You decide the speed that you want to go. If want to go 65 miles an hour, you can do that. If you want to go 150 miles an hour, I’m always interested in going faster than everybody else because once you understand what your company and product is, what your service is, once you understand that there’s another several thousand, hundreds of thousands or millions of people that are trying to accomplish the same, you know that the way you get ahead is that you have to work on doing more than everybody else. If you do more than everybody else, then, usually you will win, especially if you have the right knowledge. So doing more is always better.

There’s a saying in marketing, it talks about documenting what you do, your activities vs. creating. So, instead of going out there and create a content, you just document non-stop content. To summarize content, there’s really only 4 basic ways in which you, a person or brand, a company can produce content. Those are either images that you can produce, which are graphic images or whatever that communicates visually what you are or you can do videos which is actually still very hot on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram, there’s a lot of video going on. Or you can do written content. That’s when we are talking about blogs, articles, long formed posts – those things also work. For writers, e-books, for providing value to people about your area of expertise, those things actually work really well. You can do them on Facebook, and on Instagram. And now, guess what, YouTube rolled out a feature for youtubers that have 10,000 subscribers or more which is called the community tab in which people can actually post, creators can post written content. They can actually post pictures. They can do text. So it’s not just only a video platform. YouTube has become also a social media platform in which you can share all kinds of different thoughts, images and other things on it. So, that’s another form of valued content.

The fourth and final form of content which is actually really, really, powerful too and is growing like crazy is what you guys are listening to right now, this is audio content. Just so you guys know, the world is going in a direction of saving people time. So, whatever saves people time works. So, in my case, for the last couple of years, I’ve been consuming a lot of content on audio through what they call podcast. This is actually really powerful because people can listen to it when they are on their cars, on the showers, on their exercise, or whatever it is that can actually keep doing something else while listening to content and actually learning about something that they actually want to learn about. So, this is really powerful too, because right now you have a platform like the one that I’m using right now to communicate with you guys. I actually have a little microphone which is a $20 microphone that you can buy on Amazon and I plug it into my iPhone and I’m communicating with you guys with a nice quality audio and it’s for free, first of all. There’s an app called Anchor which is this one right here A-N-C-H-O-R that allows you to create your own podcast in it and you can actually subscribe through Anchor for the Anchor platform, you can actually subscribe to all the important podcasts out there. Meaning that, if you want to have your podcast in the iTunes library, or if you want to have it on your Google Play Store, or Spotify, or Soundcloud, this single platform, Anchor, is all that you need, it sends them everywhere. It’s so simple. I mean in my case, I can get on the car and talk to you guys about whatever is on my mind. I can actually just pull it out like right now, I’m at the house and just having some thoughts. I’m excited about the future and what’s coming up then I can just get on the phone and talk to you guys about it. So that’s a valid form of content.

So, some people feel comfortable behind the camera like myself. I can deliver videos and seminars and get behind the camera and talk to the world and I’m okay with that. I wasn’t always like that. There was a point, maybe four years ago that I felt uncomfortable getting behind the camera. So it’s something that you have to push through and get used to along the way if you are not comfortable behind the camera but you can just gather enough strength to be able to simply get it done and just start working on improving your area of confront on the area and getting behind the camera, that is the best way to go. What I recommend to everybody today that has a brand, it doesn’t matter if you have an e commerce brand or if you have a business that has services, whatever it is, ideally, you’ll become comfortable behind a camera. Or there’s several of you in a business that becomes comfortable behind the camera because the content marketing world right now wants to stay connected with you. People are more inclined to give money to brands, faces they get familiar with, that they actually feel connected with, that they actually feel that they are providing value to them and in exchange they actually give them something back. So providing video quality content, lots of it – Facebook lives, talking about what you’ve done, success stories of different people that you’ve helped in the past, talking about a particular launch, setting expectation about something coming up, showing a behind the scenes of your work and how you get things done, a behind the scenes about your production, and the products being shipped out to Amazon, or whatever. Those things are really valuable because it starts connecting people with you. If you are a small business, people love to be able to flow power, energy to a small business, a story, a company that is actually doing it right and working hard to produce quality products. So, there’s nothing like that. So, in short, my recommendation to all of you that are listening, if you are starting off, or if you are already on your way and you don’t know exactly how to go about it, four forms of content – images, video, audio, written word – do all of them. If you can do all of them, get really good at one of them or two of them and do those. Figure out what you’re really good at and push on that. And then if you have other things you don’t feel that comfortable with, well, try to develop them or try to get some people to actually compensate for that weakness on your case. But whatever it is, doing content right now in mass providing a lot of information about what you do and what you are and how you go about your business is essential.

A platform like Facebook allows you to communicate several videos and several messages along the way. And you can actually establish a content strategy around your brand, around your product or service and let people know consistently about what you do. Keep it in mind that this is a long term strategy because whoever sees you today for the first time, chances are is not going to give you any money. But, as time goes on, and they get to see you again, and again, and again, and again, every single time, every single point of contact with you, they’re going to feel more comfortable handing over their bank accounts, giving you whatever you are asking for. So at first, you do a lot of it and you start building those relationships. It’s like when you start dating with your girl or with your man, it’s a relationship building process. With your audience today is the same thing. It’s something that before was not possible because before we didn’t have a choice and we didn’t have an opportunity to be able to actually create a content strategy. Why? Because it was not affordable. Like, in order for you to create a video ad, you had to bring in producers and you had to create a 30-second video ad and that was it! That was $20,000, $10,000 or whatever it is. And now you have to go ahead and push that same video over and over because now you can’t afford a second video. That has gone off the table completely and now you have the ability to produce consistent videos with your own smartphone devices, with your own cameras. As simple as that. And just put them out there.

So, the important thing to understand is that more content is better, not quality content – more content. If you develop quality along the way, then that’s obviously going to help you. But right now, the concentration should be about the quantity and putting yourself out there and people will start loving you and appreciating you even if your quality is not that big because your message is true and you mean it, and you really want to change the world, and you want to help them, and your product really solves the problem for them and you’re sincere about it and your small business and you really want to actually get your business booming because you believe in what you do and you’re passionate about it.

So in short, you’ve got to get started and start putting some content out there and start letting the people know about what you do, what you are. Start establishing those relationships and start building yourself little by little. And if you have a big budget for marketing, then you can do it faster. But if you don’t, you can go out your own pace because this is the cool thing about Facebook Marketing – some campaigns, you can do $2 a day. Some of them you can do $5 a day. Some of them you can do $10, $20 or whatever it is. So, it’s really affordable to start putting your message out there about who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

So if you have a part time job and you want to build business on the side then you have to start doing that. So for example, if you’re really good at teaching and that’s your thing, and you just want to blow up your school, you get more students in it because you get more passionate about helping students, then you start providing that value. Just start educating the world about what you do and how you do it and how you help people and you start putting people on the camera and yourself to talk about the success stories of being involved with your teachings. And then you start branding the school and what you do around it and you take pictures, and you do videos of it and you start positioning your school as a tough leader, as an authority on the subject as somebody that is really changing the world in the structure, in the system, in the educational, everything else about that. So, that’s how you do it. So you keep on doing that and you keep on providing value and then you get behind the camera, and start developing that skill of talking to the world because today, still, in 2018, I can guarantee you that the people that can get behind the camera and provide good value and talk are still on the small percentage of this planet. So if you can get that done and start doing that, and start figuring out how to produce good quality video at a mass quantity which we all can because we have iPhones, because we have high quality android devices, because we have good quality audio, and we have all those things that our grandparents never had access to – ancestor, businessman never dreamed about.

My grandpa, who was a very very popular businessman in Puerto Rico never even dreamed about having such potential and power that we have today literally on our hands. So from now on, I’m going to keep on doing this consistently. I get really excited. I think this is something that helps me calm down because I have so much excitement that I want to find that channel to send that out to you guys. I think 2018 is going to be one of the biggest marketing year, if not, the biggest year. There’s so many incredible things going on right now that we can build a business in one year that usually would take 10-15 years to get to those numbers. That’s a special year. That’s a special thing that we have going on right now in which we can capture so much attention and help so many people with our products and services that before, were not even accessible, we cannot even reach them, it is affordable and we have a level plain field and this is not an exaggeration. I’m seeing it every single day. We are growing by leaps and bounds. Every single thing that I touch is simply exploding. So I’m very excited about that. I’m going to keep on sharing with you guys more stuff. Again, please go ahead and engage with me. Let me know what you’re interested in. Send me a message on my Messenger – Send me a message, ask me a question, engage with me there and let me know your thoughts and other areas that you want me to cover. We’re going to go and we’re going to dive in deeply and try to make you through the podcast, become a really Facebook Ninja Marketer so you know how to get your brand whether it is your spare, your extra siding come side hustle, or your main business – how to get that business to explode to the next level in this era of opportunity that we have. The Facebook Marketing Ninja, that’s going to be my new brand and my new name and I hope that you like the content and please stay connected and share with your friends. And if you can write a review about what you’ve gotten so far with my podcast, that will be fantastic. Very excited about what’s coming in the future and I hope to see you guys next time.

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the podcast!
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