In this podcast, I will talk about the REAL game changer and how to reverse engineer your competitors on Facebook. Understanding how other successful companies have done it is a crucial step towards fast-tracking your own expansion in social media. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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A Game Changer – Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

Podcast Transcription

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a fantastic day. Today, there’s something very very exciting for me to tell you guys about and it’s because there’s a game changing thing that happened on the Facebook platform that is going to help you fast forward, speed up, fast track your progress as an advertiser. Several thousands of percent I would say and this is incredible. Very, very, very exciting and I want to tell you about that briefly. I haven’t done a podcast since last week. I’ve been working hard trying to complete my Facebook Master’s Course which I just did today. 12 modules, 200 lessons, 30 hours of content, back to back to back, a real roadmap to success and massive traffic and awareness for your brand, product or service.

So, if you guys want to sign up for the waitlist, we’re going to be launching again by the looks of it right now, September 14th, it’s our next launch and you definitely don’t want to miss out on that one. Right now we have some incredible life changing stories on the course so far from the students that we have there right now, several hundred of them that have gone through it. It’s pretty amazing. So, if you want to sign up for the waitlist, make sure you don’t miss out on the next one. Make sure you put your name on that list –

But anyway, it’s very exciting guys. Are you ready? This is a huge huge deal and I knew it was going to happen but I was waiting and waiting patiently until it became something public. You know how you wonder how to actually reverse engineer your competitors on Facebook? How do they run their ads, how do they write their copy, what images they use, how do they create their videos, what call to actions they use, websites, how do they look, what are their landing pages, what strategies they’re going after? Guys, guess what? You have access to it now. You have been given access to this data. You know how cool it is like when there’s like a major shift in a world like something happens. Like for example this whole data breach scandal that just happened a couple of months ago on Facebook. It made them have to do this incredible update for us. So, we got to just jump in there and take advantage of it because now, based on what Facebook says, in order to create transparency with Facebook Advertising and what advertisers are doing, the so-called Facebook Dark Post has been wiped out off of the face of the earth. There are no more dark posts. If you didn’t know what a dark post was if you don’t have any idea what a Facebook Dark Post is, it’s basically a Facebook Ad that is not posted in your page but on your Facebook Page. Like you go to Business Manager at, you create an ad and you select people that are interested in certain things and you don’t want your Facebook fans to see it, then you don’t select them. That’s a dark post. It goes behind the scenes, behind the curtains.

So, right now, that has been eliminated. When you go to a Facebook Page, try it out right now guys. Put it on pause. Well, actually you know what? Don’t even put me on pause. You can keep on listening to this podcast. If you swipe up if you have an iPhone 10, or if you just like go to the home button, I don’t know anything about androids, but you can continue to listen to me while you go to Facebook and go to any page. Go to any page that you want. Like, go to my dad’s page, Metabolismo TV. Go to any of your competitors. Go to anybody that you’re familiar with, okay? Pages, only for pages. And now, there’s an option that is at the top right, right at the right corner of the banner, okay? So, it’s at the bottom right corner of the Facebook banner on the page once you go to the page on Facebook. And, it says something like info on ads. Once you click on that guys, you’re going to be able to see every single ad that company is currently running. Now, if that company was running an ad 6 months ago and right now it’s been turned off, It’s not going to show up in there. It’s going to show all the active ads that that brand is running right now. That by itself guys, you know how powerful that is?

Now, if you ask, “But Manuel, I want to see how they actually got there and how they used to do their ads before 6 years ago.” No! That’s something that you don’t have access to. You have access to right now understanding what these companies are running now as ads – messages campaigns, video views, lead generation campaigns, website visits, website traffic, traffic direct to Amazon, anything and everything that you can possibly think of no matter what it is whether it’s an ecommerce brand, whether it’s a realtor, or a construction company, or like let’s say business to business. For example IBM, or any of these big players. Guys, you can find out what ads they are running currently.

This is one of the biggest changes that we’ve had in this platform since the beginning of the platform. For ages, ever since ads became a thing on Facebook, you did not know what companies were running because they were running them behind the Facebook Page – not accessible for people that were actually looking at the Facebook Page. The Facebook Page was just a little front, a store front for people to put posts, videos, images, texts, all kinds of things, but there was nothing else to it. So, it’s a big change guys. It’s really exciting!

For those of you guys who are going through analysis paralysis, implementation paralysis, or whatever it is that you’re going through, please realize that now you’ve been given access to a tool that is going to take away that paralysis. Now, please don’t start copying and pasting things and doing exactly what other companies are doing. Use them as an example for how to build your own ads, how to do your own creative. And also, the ones that are doing them correctly, brands that are doing them correctly, the brands that are doing them correctly, how they actually are doing it, how they are capturing attention. You know what I noticed that’s interesting is you don’t see the engagement on the ads, you can’t see the engagement, you can’t see the people that are liking the post, commenting, you can’t see the actual shares on it. You can see the entire structure of the ad. If you click on it, you’ll be able to click through to the website or to the Messenger or to whatever it is that they’re sending people to but you won’t be able to open up the actual post on how people are seeing it on the page. Which I think is fair. I mean it’s like it’s not exposing the brand to the existing engagement on that ad but it’s actually exposing the brand to what they’re actually building and putting in front of people.

Guys, this is so cool. So, so cool. I want you guys to start learning about it because in reality, understanding how this thing works is going to make your lives easier as an advertiser a lot. So, play around with it. You know what’s going to happen? It’s going to be addictive. If you guys are trying to build ads, you should try to understand how to write your content, how to actually write your call to actions. If you’re trying to understand what images you use, what images not to use and all that stuff, it’s going to make your life a lot easier, it’s going to speed up. If you are going to take an hour to write a copy, now you can take a few minutes only because you have an idea especially if you know it’s a brand that’s doing a good job. You have an idea on how to get your message across based on what is going on in the social media and how these companies are communicating their message. Wow! Really exciting, right? Really cool stuff. It’s a game changing thing that just got launched and it’s time for you guys to jump in and do something about it.

Okay. So, I’ve got something for you guys. If you guys are here, still listening to this podcast, I got a freebie. And since we’re in the subject of creative and how to build ads and the examples of building ads, looking at the competition, I created this document that has like a hundred examples of ads that I’ve seen applied in social media brands from ecommerce to brick and mortar shops to all kinds of businesses. So, if you want to go ahead and download this freebie, I’m going to send it directly to your email and I’m also going to give you access to it on Messenger because you guys know that I’m all in to Messenger, right? In case you haven’t noticed. You can go to, okay? And, you’re going to get access to it right away. That’s really, really cool. And also, go and check out my blog, We worked really hard on getting it available. There’s going to be a lot of more content coming out on it. There’s going to be articles. There are articles that I’m posting on it consistently with important information, valuable data, valuable stuff that you can implement that you can apply, that you can actually put into action and really cool stuff.

Alright, guys. So, go ahead and download the document right now at and start going to this incredible tool that you’ve been given access to now for free so you can reverse engineer your competition incredibly well from top to bottom. Super super awesome stuff.

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the podcast!
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