Top 5 YouTube Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making

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top 5 youtube mistakes

Whether first starting out, or a well-tested veteran of the platform: succeeding on YouTube can feel like cracking into a black-box. 

At Attention Grabbing Media, we’ve grown hundreds of channels from 0 Subscribers to Millions. From Dr.Livinggood to MetabolismoTV, our formula for YouTube success has proven effective time and time again.  

Through this experience, we’ve identified the common pitfalls that keep channels from reaching their potential. And chances are, you’ve made at least a few of them.


Mistake #1: Deleting Underperforming Videos

It can be tempting to delete videos that don’t get many views in an attempt to “clean up” your channel. However, this is usually a mistake. 

Even low-performing videos contribute to your overall watch time and audience engagement metrics, which YouTube’s algorithm takes into account when suggesting your content. 

Over time, those older videos passively collect views as new audiences scroll down your channel’s timeline. It’s better to leave them up rather than hitting delete.

If you do have content that actively goes against your brand’s current message, try 
unlisting them instead. By changing them to unlisted, you retain the algorithmic benefits of having it on your channel, without worrying about sending conflicting information to your audience. 

Mistake #2: Not Posting Consistently

Consistency is crucial on YouTube. Having an unreliable schedule can cost you subscribers and make it harder for the algorithm to promote your content. 

Set a schedule you can maintain. Whether that’s daily, weekly, or even monthly, find a time and stick to it religiously. Your loyal fans (and the algorithm that feeds them) will appreciate being able to anticipate when new content is coming.

Mistake #3: Treating Every Video Like a Commercial

We get it- at the end of the day, even the most passionate creators want to be fairly compensated for their work. But, while making money on YouTube is a legitimate goal, whether through direct monetization, sponsorships, or direct sales, making your channel into the modern equivalent of QVC is the quickest way to turn off a potential viewer’s interest. 

Find a balance between delivering genuine value and promoting your products or services. The best YouTube creators build trust and loyalty with their audience by creating educational, inspirational, or entertaining content first and foremost. The promotion should be a secondary aspect.


Mistake #4: Neglecting Audience Engagement

Interacting with your viewers and responding to comments isn’t just a great way to see your impact- it’s essential for growing a dedicated following on YouTube.

Make an effort to engage with your audience through comment replies, polls, and community posts. This two-way connection signals to YouTube that your content is resonating, which can help it get recommended more broadly. 

As well, you now have an endless supply of content ideas that are focus-group-tested to succeed! 


Mistake #5: Not Optimizing Video Titles & Descriptions

How you package your videos with titles, thumbnails, and descriptions can make a huge difference in how they get discovered on YouTube. 

Do keyword research to identify topics and phrases your target audience is searching for, then incorporate those into your video metadata in an enticing way. A well-optimized video has a far better chance of appearing in recommendations and search results.

Look at other channels, both in your niche and outside industries, to see what they’re doing to succeed. Are certain thumbnail formats and titles trending? Break them down into their fundamental elements, and see how you can apply them!

How Big a Difference Can It Make?

While individual mistakes may seem trivial, a successful channel is built on good fundamentals. No matter how fantastic your content is, you won’t find an audience if the algorithm doesn’t show it to them! 

By correcting these mistakes, you clear the runway of debris for the launch of your videos. If you want to gain more engagement, views, and followers, it will take effort…but it’s worth it in the end.


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