The 5 Simple Steps to Social-Media Marketing

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the 5 simple steps to social media marketing

Every brand starts the same: at zero. Whether McDonalds or the local smokehouse down your street, every business’s social media marketing starts with zero followers, zero engagement, and zero attention. It’s a simple fact of the marketing game. 

While it’s understandably intimidating to open up an account and start posting to an audience that doesn’t exist yet, getting started doesn’t need to be complicated. The strategy, just like the starting conditions, is the same for every brand worldwide. A simple 5-Step strategy is guaranteed to work, no matter what your industry or experience. 

At Attention Grabbing Media, we’ve grown 100+ brands from zero followers to millions, gathering collectively over a billion views yearly. Our MetabolismoTV brand alone consistently brings in more viewers than the Super Bowl, Saturday Night Live, and Grammys….combined. So you can trust us when we say if you stick to this strategy, you will see success?

So what are these steps to success? Well…


Step 1: Find Your Superpower

The first step is to identify your unique expertise or knowledge that can provide value to others. This is your “superpower” – the knowledge or skill that sets you apart and can positively impact the lives of those around you. Reflect on what you excel at, what comes naturally to you, or what you’re passionate about. 

If you’re someone who suffers from Imposter Syndrome, wondering if you’re talented or knowledgeable enough about anything to start. Remember: we can often be blind to our own skills. Take a look at what comes easiest to you. Chances are, you have insights that no one else does, that you take for granted as common sense. 


Step 2: Create Valuable Content

Once you’ve identified your superpower, start creating content that shares your knowledge and message with the world. Every piece of content should serve one of three functions:

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Inspire

This can be in the form of images, blogs, podcasts, or videos (short or long). Focus on providing a unique experience with your content, with insights related to your area of expertise. 

This can be pointing out relatable experiences in comedic sketches, or providing how-to guides to health. The only limit is your creativity!  


Step 3: Leverage Existing Channels

Of course, having your own website is still important: but social media marketing is made for already existing channels. Utilize these massive platforms to spread your message. Great places to begin your presence include: 

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Threads
  • Twitch
  • Hundreds more!


Find what platform your target audiences collect on most, and focus on creating optimized content.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of the age where social media sites provide endless access to potential hungry customers, all for the price of free. 


Step 4: Commit to Consistency

At AGM, when asked what is more important, quality or quantity, our answer is always the same: Consistency.

To see success on social media, you need to create expectations from your followers, which means creating a schedule and staying accountable to it. Whether it means posts daily, weekly, or monthly: consistency is the most important factor to your channel’s continued success. 


Step 5: Amplify Your Reach

As you gain traction and see positive results from your social media efforts, consider amplifying your reach even further. Invest in targeted advertising or sponsored posts to push your successful content in front of a wider audience. Additionally, explore collaborations or partnerships with complementary brands or influencers to tap into new audiences. Find quality creators for high-impact User Generated Content to provide social proof for your brand, and draw from audience interaction to gather ideas for new posts. 

The more you interact and experiment, the more you will be rewarded with the attention your brand needs to survive. 


Is it really that easy?

We didn’t say it was easy. We said it was simple. Every strategy requires effort and dedication. To research, create, and optimize good content is a skill…but it’s one you will need to grow in today’s digital age.

However, it is really that simple. Every creator who has found success followed these steps. 

Will you? 

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