Recession-Proof Strategies to Reach Your Target Consumers

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The cost of advertising is at an all time high, Inflation has been skyrocketing, and a 9% inflation rate was reported so naturally, the costs are increasing. 


There’s a lot of demand for social media advertising and so the cost has gone up.

The world has transitioned over to digital, mostly. Traditional marketing has lost a lot of strength over the last couple of years because of COVID. 

We don’t have magazines being printed as much, we don’t have radios actually being utilized as much, and it feels like there’s been a massive acceleration with tools like social media.

What was going to happen in 5 or 10 years happened in a couple of years because of something called COVID. 


Build Your Following

So it’s my recommendation that business owners build a social media following because when you do that, you can turn off your advertising and still generate revenue.

For example, for my business NaturalSlim®, every $1 we spend on advertising, we get to generate $10-$12 back. 

You can’t get that kind of return anymore if you don’t have content being produced at scale.

A client of mine (Dr. Berg) is generating millions of dollars a month and we spend very little money on advertising but that’s because our content is so widespread and so deep that people are still looking for our stuff because we have the number one commodity that all business owners need to be able to grow a business: Attention

So in the world of marketing, if you want to compensate for the higher cost of advertising, and build a brand that is sustainable, even when platforms change, you have to go into the content game and the content game is not as complicated as you think.

But it does require dedication to put the content out there, a team to get that content adjusted for the different platforms and edit it.

That’s the key. 


If you don’t have a personal brand or don’t want to be a personal brand and get in front of the camera you can still hire somebody and pay them well to become that person for you.

So for anyone that doesn’t want to be a content creator or have a content creator working for them, you at least need to get one.

It’s not ideal because they don’t have the same passion that you, the founder, has.

For example, you’re never going to find somebody at my marketing agency that is more passionate about marketing than me, because I’m the CEO.

But if you want to have a plan in place, you should definitely hire somebody to get it done or do it yourself. 

At some point, the Dr. Bergs of the world, the Frank Suarez’s of the world, these content machines had nothing, they had no content creator, they had nothing going on and then they created their first piece of content. 


Create Content

And just like riding a bike, it gets better with time, creating content is like building muscle as you go and get those repetitions going.

Then over the long haul you start getting those muscles.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but you get better with time.

The same thing happens with creating content, you get better with time, and if you believe in your value and believe in your ability to influence others, there are massive organic opportunities waiting for you.

You can reach new people that don’t involve you paying advertising dollars on these platforms.


I predict that these opportunities will be around for the next few years: Facebook reels, Instagram reels, podcast episodes that you can launch basically for free–you have opportunities to capture free media that 25 years ago was only a dream. 

If you wanted to have a podcast in the 1980s or 1990s, the only way that you could get it done was through something called radio.

You had to pay to be a part of a radio station and run commercials and had to jump through all these hoops.

Now things are different, you can go to a website like, click on a few buttons and you have your own podcast!

And podcasts are being searched for every single day across different industries. 

So there’s other opportunities out there, all you have to do is look for them.

Those that look, find incredible things.

If you don’t look, if you agree with the economy, inflation, and start believing, “Oh, it’s just because this world is falling apart in recession and I knew that it was going to happen.” You’re going to miss out on opportunities.

A great example is a friend of mine, his name is Steven Anderson and we’re building a brand together. 

We’re had a meeting one day and he said, 

“Look, entrepreneurship is recession proof.”

And that was such a powerful statement, and so true because entrepreneurship is recession proof. 

If you actually look for opportunities, it doesn’t matter what condition this planet is in, it doesn’t matter what’s happening with the economy, opportunities will continue to present themselves for those people that are looking for them and they can put the energy into implementing them.

So look for yours and get it executed then find something that works for your brand and your business overall.

You’ll discover some quite incredible things, if you just decide to start looking for these opportunities.

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