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When you talk about platforms these days, you’re not talking about the platforms as a whole anymore.


These platforms have developed to the point where they have many placements, and if you’re not a marketer or avid user of the platform then it can be hard to know what is what.

Now more than ever, to grow a brand without having to depend on advertising you want to be posting multiple times a day. 

Ever since the cost of advertising started to rise on top of inflation, it gave marketers a reality check that you don’t want to rely strictly on advertising for the growth of your business.

So here are some of the best organic placement opportunities for Q4 in 2022 broken down for you.



When you talk about YouTube nowadays you’re really talking about its placements: shorts, community, and full videos.

Full videos on YouTube are anywhere around 3-10 minutes in length and can be structured as vlogs, tutorials, walkthroughs, etc.

But here’s the interesting thing, you can take clips from your YouTube full videos and make shorts out of it and then post them on other platforms that support short-form content!


So now you’re multiple platforms instead of just one.

If you know anything about YouTube, you know they want people to stay on their platforms as long as possible and right now what’s keeping people on there are their YouTube shorts.

Because short-form content has become so viral in 2021 and throughout 2022 it makes sense to take advantage of Youtube Shorts.

While other placements like Community posts are nice to mess around with, I’d only recommend it for channels with thousands of followers.



You want to leverage opportunities on Instagram, and that means posting on multiple placements within the app!

It’s not enough to do one post a day, it’s just not. 

If you’re ambitious, if you’re hungry, then you need to put the energy in place to post multiple Instagram Reels. 

If you post a Reel at 7am you need to post later again at 11am then 4pm and again at 6:00 PM, etc. 


Why? Because people who are going to be watching your content in the morning are most likely not going to watch your content at night. 

But Instagram will spread your Reels to others who have never heard of you before throughout the day, and that’s called having reach.

So you want to get reach wherever you have an opportunity, and right now that main opportunity is Instagram Reels. 



Posting on Facebook isn’t the same as it used to be, it’s transformed over the years and brought with it placements like Reels, and Stories.

Its main competitor TikTok is also a massive opportunity and has disrupted the whole big tech industry with short form content but out of it actually came Facebook Reels. 

And of course you have the traditional Facebook Feed, but regardless each and every one of these placements are opportunities to put yourself in front of people!


Imagine the awareness that you could generate if you were to post three to four times a day on Facebook Feed, Stories and Reels. 

But there is always one placement that these platforms play favorites with and that placement is Facebook Reels.


Compound Content

Yes, some of these platforms and placements will show more results than others when you compare them.

I personally get more traction on my Facebook Stories than I do on other platforms. 

So does that mean you want to put your attention there? 

Maybe, maybe not. I say you post on every platform, and placement because at the end of the day it’s simple math; the more you post, the more brand awareness you get.

And if you don’t know what to post, all you have to do is show people what you’re doing right now. 

You want to show people what you’re doing, and what you’re working on, consistently. 


If you have a podcast then record that and post those.

If you want to have someone interview you so you can post your opinions on subjects do that.

There are so many ways to go about making content. It’s really up to you, and what you think you could talk about for the years to come.

Then all you need to do is post it on YouTube then cut it into clips because short-form content right now is where the massive organic acceleration opportunities are at, so you need to be leveraging: 

  • Facebook Reels
  • Instagram Reels
  • YouTube Shorts
  • and TikTok

If you’re trying to build a legacy then make sure that you put attention on these opportunities, and remember, it all starts with getting into action! 

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