Many business owners want to know what it takes to get the “sale.”


And although that may seem like a complicated question to answer, it’s a very solution the best business owners have cracked.

So, let me share a piece of business wisdom with you I’ve gained over a decade of experience.

By watching the empire my father built, I’ve observed that this piece of wisdom is this… Consistency is key.

Consistency is at the foundation of excellence when you think about it, when you’re consistently learning, planning, executing, testing, branding, and communicating.

All this consistency leads to sales, but there’s one specifically that stands out to a business owner.

And it just so happens to be the one thing they’re struggling with the most too: the consistency of communication.

If that sounds like you or someone you know, you are not alone, I have something for you.


How Do I Get My Leads To Buy?

Assuming you have leads to buy from you, your next logical step is to communicate with them.

Otherwise what good do they serve? 

The problem is when business owners hear “you need to interact with your leads” a fight or flight defense mechanism turns on, instead in this case it’s a sleazy sales or bail situation.


The trick is to turn that sleazy old school sales into valuable friendship.

Your leads know they’re most likely going to be sold to so their guard is already up, ready to say “No thank you” unless they’re in some serious pain, but we should never rely on that.

So what do we do?


Do What Others Aren’t 

Most starting business owners will go straight into asking their leads if they’re in the market for their product and service.

This is the first mistake unless they’re already begging for your product or service.

You want to build a connection with them first, introduce yourself, ask them about themselves and observe their pain points.

Use those pain points to build an even deeper relationship with them by telling them a story of a previous experience (yourself or your customers) and how your product helped with it.

That’s a very powerful marketing trick not many people know about: Storytelling.

Everyone loves a good story, especially if they have reality with it because people imagine themselves in that situation.


Why do you think people love watching superhero movies? They want to be their favorite characters.

The catch is to have a happy ending so they can feel that for themselves too, but now they know they’ll need what you’re selling them.

You may feel weird telling a story to someone but that’s what friends do with each other, and if you’ve just met someone for the first time and find them telling a story to a group of people you stay and listen because you’re interested, you don’t walk away because you’re bored.

That’s what we’re trying to do when we’re getting the sale, build connections that feel like friendships.


How Do I Increase My Chances?

So when we speak to leads over email or phone we want to hook them in, introduce ourselves, find the pain points, and use them as ammunition for the story.

Then we get into talking about products and services, but the value doesn’t stop at the storytelling… your products have value themselves!

The benefits (NOT features) the lead will get from your products are the value, you just need to know how to communicate it.


Some marketer once said, “Talk about the sizzle, not the steak.”

For example, if a business owner was selling a lawn mower that uses less gas and makes sure grass doesn’t get all over you he wouldn’t say, “Comes with xyz technology, and a flexible pull out unit.”

That’s can sound very technical and like everyone else, so we say, “Spend less money with the rising price of gas and inflation that results in less stress from your bank account with most recent xyz technology and a durable convenient pull out system to block 99% of grass from covering you resulting in less showers and more time with the family.”

Now I’m not a lawn mower guy but you get the point, you want to describe what your benefits will come from your features.

What this does is make them want to feel the benefits even more as long as you did their pain point research on them.

Then if you’re sending this via email you introduce your product for them to check out or if they’re over the phone you transition into the close.



How Do I Close The Sale?

Now the biggest and one of the most important moments in a customer journey happens.

The moment they’re about to give you their money. But how do we make sure we close the sale?

Well you either have a high converting sales page or a salesman who knows how to close over the phone.


Each is very different. A sales page requires different elements an
experienced marketer could help you execute, and a salesman who knows how to close just needs to know how to ask.

Over the phone you go, “I’m going to send someone out to check for any issues” or ”I’m going to send over a proposal, and get you squared away.”

Asserting authority is so important over the phone because no one is interested in someone with uncertainty, “Do you think we could send someone?” no, assert authority and create certainty!

Don’t be rude, just take control of the situation. 

Just like when you go to the doctor’s office, they don’t tell you, “We really hope we can help you.” No!

A good doctor will let you know, “Sit back, it’s okay we’re going to take care of you.”

They’re letting you know what’s going to happen in a positive way, and you should do the same.

So this may seem more difficult for someone unfamiliar with marketing, rather than going straight to asking for the sale, but your business and bank account will thank you for it.

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