Building Solid Brand and Culture Through Great Leadership

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I’m a big football fan. And my favorite team of all time is the Dallas Cowboys.

But today, I want to share a lesson that I learned from a non-Cowboy. 

This guy is pretty well known in the football world as a great team leader, regardless of what some fans might think of him.

Being a great leader is much more than just being the person “in charge” of the team.

There’s a lot of work that goes into leading a team.

But, when you get it right…it’s an awe-inspiring position to be in.

This non-Cowboy is a local hero since he is in the Tampa Bay Area and none other than Mr.Tom Brady.

You’ve probably heard the name even if you don’t watch Football, just like Christiano Ronaldo has, showing a lot of respect for Tom Brady–and he plays soccer all the way in another country!

But why do so many people admire Tom Brady? Maybe because he’s won so many championships, sure.

But why and how has he been able to do that? One simple word. Leadership.

Tom Brady has proven that he’s one amazing leader wherever he goes.

So what does it take to be an amazing leader? And before you say winning championships, remember that’s only the byproduct of leadership.

We know leadership translates into our culture and brand, so what does it take to be an amazing leader?

As business owners, we come to work, solve what needs to be solved, and focus on what needs to be focused on.

But how do we make sure to become better leaders?

I think Tom Brady would say, “Leading by example through your actions.”


Leadership Actions

So what do leaders actually do? Tom Brady practices like crazy and takes care of his team as well.

Business owners make correct decisions and provide a healthy, productive environment.

But these things can seem a lot easier said than done, so how can you make sure you implement this?

I wish it was as easy as one stroke of a pen, but the truth is we can only practice our decision-making and learn from our mistakes.

No one will learn all the answers overnight, and if you know someone who can please send them my way, I will gladly take notes.

So through Tom’s actions, he’s right; leadership is obtained through practice. 

For business owners, it’s whether we’re running a marketing campaign, setting a monthly budget, or testing ads. 

Practice is another way of saying “testing” to find a winning outcome.

The other thing we can do to become amazing leaders like Tom Brady is provide a healthy environment.

This flies a little under the radar of most big corporations, but medium to small businesses have a lot of room to implement here.

Our employees learn through our actions, and it’s our job to show them what can be done and what’s possible.

But more importantly, provide them an environment where they can reach their true potential and grow.

So at my agency, we don’t hire talent strictly; we hire passion—individuals who are passionate about learning and conquering the marketing world with our clients.

We provide them with thousands of dollars worth of training to give them more than the necessary tools to dominate this marketing game.

All this translates into your brand and the kind of culture you form over time.

The employees you turn into A+ players then turn into a Superbowl team with the correct guidance and tools.

And the results you get then communicate themselves into your branding, but it all starts with leadership.

So next time you look around your business and see something you don’t like, ask yourself, “What would the most successful leader I know do?”

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