The Best Strategy for Written Content on Multiple Platforms

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At some point I was talking with one of my copywriters in our creative ninja room where all the words, graphics, and videos for our clients come to life.



We talked about the importance of story in marketing and copy, and it was based on the classic journey of the hero character, and how it could apply to your business and marketing.

During that discussion, we talked about the best strategy we’ve come up with for written content that we use to post it on multiple platforms.

And it’s basically the same strategy I share for creating video content; to document your daily activities.



In this case, you’re documenting your daily activities in writing rather than on video.

You can make notes on your phone or a google doc then copy and paste what you wrote down to get started on your next writing project.

This method is great for things like emails, blogs, and even ads.

Not to mention, telling stories based on your daily life, helps make you seem more “REAL” to your readers.


Let me give you another quick example:

Let’s say somebody from my team was at a business networking event, and most of the business owners there said they needed more leads for their businesses.

This gives my team members an opening to talk about our Facebook Lead Generation course.

So my team member talks about how the course teaches entrepreneurs how to run a specific type of ad that gets leads–even without using a website.

Then she told them, “If you’re interested in buying the course, you can get it, I’ll just send you the link!”

Then, when they got to the office the next day and told me about the event I decided to write about it–It’s really that easy.

Take an event from real life and write about it, that’s it. No more “I don’t know what to write about.”


Don’t Over-Complicate It

There doesn’t need to be any kind of sophisticated high-tech strategy to create written content.

Talking about daily occurrences or activities you run into is the easiest way to teach life lessons, share part of your life, and provide value all at the same time.

This doesn’t only build connections with others but it also makes it easier to ask for a purchase down the road.

The easiest way to explain this is by thinking of your relationship with your readers as you were talking to a friend.


You’d want to keep them in the loop wouldn’t you?

And the more friends you have to talk to turn into relationships you can count on in the future!

By the way, I really do offer that Facebook Lead Generation course, and it really can help acquire leads–even without using a website.

And currently I’ve paired it with another one of my courses called “Audience Building Fundamentals”.

This course normally sells for $195, but as a reader and someone I now consider a friend, you can get it for over 75% Off. 

When you buy the Facebook Lead Generation Course you can also get Audience Building Fundamentals for only $49 at the checkout page.

If this strategy for written communication has piqued your interest, leave a like or comment to help the algorithm push it out to more people who could benefit from it and conquer the marketing world!


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