Amazon’s Latest Program: The Advertising Partner Network

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Amazon just recently launched The Advertising Partner Network, a global group of agencies and tool providers that can help connect Amazon sellers with Amazon advertising resources to achieve their advertising efforts.


This program was really made to make it easier for Amazon’s sellers and agencies like mine to work together and accomplish business goals together.

But more importantly, it does two things for Amazon sellers; it allows them to improve their skills and grow their business.

My agency just recently became a verified partner on this partner network, meaning that we’ve been approved by Amazon to be in their partner directory to help other businesses!

And this is the part where I say the infamous line, “But that’s not all!”

There turns out to be more opportunity that comes with being a verified partner than just helping others.

Because the Advertising Partner Network gives partners a central place to find educational, technical, and marketing resources, as well as a self-service account that they can use to manage all of their company’s interactions with Amazon Advertising.

Here are just some of the benefits that come with being a verified partner, as well as how to become one!

A Library of Resources, All for You

The Partner Network is a one-stop shop for educational content like best practice guides, case studies, news, webinars, events, and product videos.

But Amazon says its main intention was to help partners stay up to date on the latest releases and upcoming events and webinars.


Either way, when you think of it, it’s a whole library of resources that you don’t have to go searching for; it’s right there in front of you and provided by the platform itself, so you know the knowledge isn’t speculation!


Resources for Developers 

Now this is a little more technical but may come in handy if you have a developer on your team—or even if you’re one yourself.

Through the Partner Network, technical teams of partners can find out about new releases of the Amazon Advertising API and link their Amazon Advertising API account to their Partner Network account. 

Partners who haven’t yet integrated with the Amazon Advertising API can now do so through their Partner Network account.

Again, this isn’t for everyone, but if you have a tech genius on your team, this would be of some interest to them, and worth sharing.


Get Certified

Accounts will soon have a new way to see the certifications of their teams at the company level.

Which means it’s a good time to start learning from the Amazon Advertising learning console and get those certifications! 


The Amazon Advertising learning console has a humongous list of training modules and certifications that advertisers or agencies can use to show what they’ve mastered.


Joining The Partner Network

The Partner Network is a place where agencies and tool providers can manage their business dealings with Amazon Ads on their own. 

You can join the Partner Network to get access to resources for marketing and learning and to show advertisers what you’ve mastered.

Then it’s just a matter of filling out a few fields to get your application approved.


If I had to compare this to one thing, I would say this is Amazon’s equivalent to Facebook’s or “Meta’s” Blueprint program, where they give you courses and allow you to take exams for a series of certifications, but that’s another program for another time.


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