3 Secret Ingredients Your Audience Is Hungry For

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When we spread our message to millions and millions of people in the world, what we’re trying to do is create connections with people.

Every time you share your message you’re branding yourself whether you know it or not, so it’s your job to know how to position yourself in front of people.

There are 3 secret ingredients that can help take your content to the next level and position yourself as someone or some brand that can build connections with your audience. 

I want to share this because many of the business owners I work with seem to have obstacles to making content.

It often shows up in the form of “I just don’t know what to include in my content” so here are the 3 secret ingredients to help you with this process.



You may have seen some videos on social media where people show you behind the scenes of working in their warehouse, fulfilling their orders or just how they work day to day.

These are videos that show the process of work being done which may sound odd that someone finds interesting, but in actuality very intriguing to watch.

When someone sees this kind of content most times their curiosity spikes, and want to know more about how that thing you’re showing them works.

Naturally what happens next is you start getting people commenting questions, you start accumulating likes, and you begin to find your audience that are interested in what you sell.

So content that shows the behind the scenes process of your brand/business will build curiosity and resonate with the ones who are very interested.

Just like everyone was so curious how Willy Wonka ran the inside of his factory, people will be just as curious to know how you run your business! 



There’s an old saying that says, “Stories sell” and it’s not just talking about the movie theaters, it’s talking about every situation where someone is telling a story, including yours.

A business owner who shares how they got to where they are is more powerful than a business owner who does sales pitches, and that’s because you can build more connections with people by sharing personal stories verses about a product or service. 

So for example, a business owner who shares how they came from nothing is something someone else could have perspective with and then build a connection with.

But you need to communicate that with your content by telling stories of before you were a business owner, the struggles you went through, the people you had to put up with, the hard working actions you had to go through at first, etc.

What happens is that people get caught almost in a trance because they want to know what happens next in your story, you open the loop to more curiosity and mystery!



The last ingredient your audience is hungry for is awareness, which means you need to pump out content in front of them as much as you can.

The more they see you, the higher the chance they remember you, build a relationship with you, and eventually buy from you!

So whether it’s a short piece of content or longer form, putting yourself in front of your audience is highly important and effective, especially if you want to brand yourself in their minds.

Once you start following all 3 of these content ingredients, building your audience of loyal followers will feel easy and bring you closer to them at the same time.

If social media branding interests you then I highly recommend taking a Social Media Branding Course to help you master your branding game, once and for all!

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