How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business?

by | Mar 31, 2022 | AGM Blog, LinkedIn

If you’re reading this you probably know about Instagram and there’s a good chance you have a business or you want to start a business. And if that’s correct you probably want to grow that business, right?

So, let me ask you this, are you using Instagram as part of your growth plan?

I don’t mean do you have an Instagram account that you post on sometimes. I mean, do you have a strategic plan for using it to grow your business?

If you answered no then these 5 steps are for you.

Even if you answered yes, you can check these 5 steps to see if you’re using them all. 

  • Switch Your Instagram From Personal To Business

Why switch from personal to business? Because with the business profile you’ll get greater control over account analytics, branding, and even ecommerce options. 

  • Complete The Profile Information

A properly completed profile will give prospective followers a snapshot of who you are and what your business is all about in a quick glance.

  • Create A Hashtag Strategy

You can use hashtags to help research competitors and for your own personal branding. 

Once you choose your first hashtag Instagram will even give you related suggestions of other tags that you can follow and use for your own promotions.

  • Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have a 24-hour lifespan and are not subject to the same algorithm as the regular feed. 

This gives you a greater chance of being seen by your followers than when they are scrolling through their feeds. 

If you have a story you believe needs to last longer than 24-hours you can add it to your story highlights under your profile information. 

  • Post High-Quality Content Consistently

Now that people have found your Instagram and followed you it’s important to post high-quality content on a consistent basis which is RELEVANT to why they followed you to keep them engaged. 

There you have it. Take the information and implement it. And Reap the benefits of using Instagram to grow your business! 


Talk to you soon.

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