Social Media Content Strategy: Be Omnipresent

by | Apr 6, 2022 | AGM Blog, LinkedIn

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That’s what I call the act of being everywhere on social media as often as possible. So much so that people should get tired of seeing my face, but they don’t…I’ll tell you why in a moment.

I’ve got a short video, here, where I show you examples of 11 different social media channels that you can easily get involved with. 

Are there more than these 11 social media channels available to you?

Yep, but are your customers and clients there?

That’s why you have to be Omnipresent! 

Be everywhere.


Be everywhere that makes sense for you and your business. 

As you watch the above video, I tell which of these channels I use and which ones I don’t. 

In fact, this is a little embarrassing to say, but one of my kids is beating me on TikTok!

By the way, 

I mentioned before that I try to be on these channels so much that people should get tired of seeing my face, but they don’t.


Because I’m bringing value into their lives. 

Think about it this way: How many times have you listened to your favorite band?

Probably more times than you can count, right?

And, that’s probably because your favorite band brings the value of entertainment, memories, and experiences to your life. So, you enjoy hearing them all the time. 

Well, I strive to bring the value of education, increased skills, and opportunities…that’s why people don’t get tired of seeing me. 

As you watch the video, go ahead and make some notes. Which channels are you using now and which channels do you think you should take advantage of next?

Feel free to tell me in the comments under the video. 



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