Learn From Your Failures By Following These Easy Steps

by | Mar 31, 2022 | AGM Blog, LinkedIn

Failure is a part of success. I know that may sound crazy, but it’s true. 

In this video, you’ll hear how I use the game of baseball to explain it. Along with some of my own challenges. 

Now, If you think about it, when someone succeeds 3 out of 10 times at bat they can end up in the hall of fame. 

Pretty amazing, right?

You can literally fail 70 % of the time and still be looked at as a successful player.

The key is to keep training and keep trying. 

Because it would seem pretty weird if a baseball player quit the game after the first strikeout, right?

With that thought, it also seems weird if a person quits on their business, their education, their relationships, their career, etc. after one or two failures. 

So, why do you think so many people quit before they succeed at what they want?

Is it because they’re not good enough? 

Is it because they don’t care enough?

Is it because they’re not smart enough?

Is it because they don’t believe in themselves?

Maybe…but probably not.

My opinion is that many people who quit do so because they don’t have a clear plan. 

Think of it like this. 

If you want to go on a trip would you choose a destination before you left and make a detailed plan on how to get there or would you just start driving and hope you end up somewhere you want to be?

Aside from a few adventurous people, I bet you choose the destination and detailed plan. I know I would. 

But why?

Because when you have a specific destination and detailed plan it allows you to control the journey much better. 

Being this specific actually gives you a greater opportunity for success because you likely have backup plans and ways to handle setbacks or disruptions to the trip. 

This is the same with your business and its growth.

When you have a detailed plan and strategy you are much more prepared to handle the inevitable failures you will face along the way. 

Just one more thing. 

Failures are great teaching moments if you’re paying attention. Because they give you the opportunity to learn how NOT to do something. 

Link: Overcoming Failure: Succeeding Outside The System

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