Interruption Marketing vs. Search Marketing.

by | Mar 17, 2020 | AGM Blog


There are 2 forms of marketing in the digital era.

The first one is search marketing and the second one is interruption marketing.

But, how are they different and why does it matter?

Well, let’s take a closer look. 


Search Marketing


Search Marketing is kind of like going to a store for a magazine about a particular subject, like decorating a house. You’re actually planning to redecorate your house, so you search for the exact resource to help you do so.

You’re probably most familiar with this when you’re searching for specific answers on Google or whatever your preferred search engine is.

You type in a question like: How do I use Facebook to advertise my business?

There you can see 1 billion 630 million search results. But, just below that, you’ll see search results that say Ad right next to them.

This is search marketing. You try to anticipate what the general public will search, what keywords they will use, and what location they will for these in.

That’s a lot of research and testing, all while spending money to find out if it works or not.


Interruption Marketing

Interruption Marketing is more like door to door sales. There is a chance that if someone opens the door they will welcome you in and buy your product or service, but most of the time they won’t.

Most people view door to door salesmen as an annoyance, because these people are interrupting your day.

So, on the surface, it looks like search marketing might be more effective than interruption marketing, but looks can be deceiving.

Door to door selling has its percentage of wins otherwise it wouldn’t still exist. And, part of its strategy is to educate people about a problem they didn’t know they had or didn’t know how to solve yet. The job of the salesman then is to tell you how his brand works to solve your problem.

Here’s the catch,

most people need to see a brand multiple times before they know who the brand is and begin to trust them. So, in reality, the brand owner needs to hire a ton of salespeople to knock on the same doors a couple of times a week.

That gets very expensive, very fast.

But, what if you could turn those door to door knockers into an army of salespeople knocking on MILLIONS of DIGITAL doors?

No payroll, no employment tax, and no hiring or firing people.

That would be a pretty good deal, right?


The Facebook Interruption

When I bought an iPhone 10 it had the wireless charging ability and I thought of getting a wireless charger but I didn’t. I knew I could just buy what I needed on Amazon later.

HOWEVER, soon after my purchase when I opened my Facebook, seemingly from out of nowhere, there was a post selling me the item that I legitimately needed at that time. Wow, it’s like they can read my mind!

Insane isn’t it?

I was interrupted from seeing the post of my friends, family, and followers with the offer.


I did not just buy one charger, I bought 3 of their products because I was upsold along the way by their other offers like discounts and inclusions.

It’s a beautiful strategy!

And, yes my friend, it really works.

Now, in this case, I needed the chargers so I was in buying mode. I knew about my problem, even how to solve it, but I hadn’t done anything about it yet.

The truth is though,

most of your audience for this type of marketing will be people that don’t know they have a problem. You are making them aware of the situation.

When they respond positively to your posts or ads, it will improve the quality of their lives, yes, because you are making them aware of something they might not have thought about yet and solving it for them.

But, it’s not always that clean and easy. 


The Coca-Cola Effect


For the most part people are not going to buy from a brand, company, or person they don’t know, like, and trust.

They need to see you and message a minimum 7 times before they’re ready to do any business with you. So, you need to become a master of branding.

The “Coca-Cola Effect”, as I call it, is a great example of this. The soda brand has been advertising for decades now and you might think,


Well, just because you know about it doesn’t mean you’ll buy Coca-Cola all the time. But sometimes you say to yourself, “Wait, I need to drink a Coke”.

They accomplish this by being branding masters. Staying on top of our minds by doing interruption marketing constantly. Because they know at some point we’ll be thirsty for a soda and they want us to think only about Coca-Cola.

Oh yeah, and Coca-Cola spends a ton of money doing this.

Facebook can help us become branding masters, but we don’t need tons of money, like Coke, to make it happen. 


How it works

It’s so affordable to put your message in front of an enormous amount of people with Facebook that I’m truly amazed they haven’t raised their advertising prices.


Since it’s still so affordable here’s how we can take advantage of the platform.  Some studies say that it takes ONLY 3 seconds for an item to create an impression on people.

The first time they saw it, they might ignore it.

Then the second time, they might stop a little bit.

The third time, maybe a little bit more.

Fourth time, “wait a second, I need this item!”

Or it may take the 7 times mentioned above or 14 times or 21 times. The point is we need to get our message in front of the right people as often as possible. And, by knowing how to target the right people and how to create retargeting ads you can build a brand just like Coke with only a tiny percentage of the cost.

This is the most powerful form of marketing in this modern era!

Listen, interruptive marketing with Facebook is not about the QUALITY, but the QUANTITY. Although, if your product or message is not good no amount of marketing will help.

But, this type of marketing can send enormous amounts of traffic to your websites, online stores, or brick and mortar businesses which can allow you to grow faster in the next 12 months than you might think is possible. For now.

As I mentioned above, when you implement this correctly it’s like having an army of salespeople knocking on millions of digital doors telling people about your brand day and night.

See you next time.

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