The #1 Underlying Element to Sales

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As business owners, closing sales is foundational to the health and success of our businesses. 

But, there is 1 element that is senior to everything else. It’s even above making the sale. 

And it’s not even about the product or service itself. 

Although you do need a good product or service that helps people.

This 1 element helps drive you forward, it helps propel you over everyday obstacles, and helps people trust that you’re the right person to help them. 

By now you might be wondering “What is the 1 element, Manuel?”


Element to Sales

The #1 element to sales is the act of believing in your own product, and igniting your burning passion to share it with others and help them.

A motivated salesman doesn’t sound like a salesman at all, in fact they sound like a friend who is there to help you.

So it’s no surprise that if someone talked to you like a friend instead of a stranger that they would close more sales.

But why is this so hard to accomplish sometimes? Why do business owners unconsciously lose focus on helping others? And how do we make sure we remember every time?


First, Believe In Your Product

If you don’t believe in your product or service then it’s going to be hard to sell it because you have a weak connection with it.

And who in the world could make millions of dollars selling something they’re not passionate about? 

And don’t say corporate billionaires because they already have a team of passionate people who DO believe in the product or service being sold.

Plus, they pay them lots of money, something which not every entrepreneur has access to.

So your options are limited, making it more important than ever to believe in your product.

But how does someone even start with doing that?


Find Your Burning Passion

It may be a no-brainer that you need passion to believe in your product, but some entrepreneurs forget about it, believe it or not.

Some of the best passions start with helping others, but that sounds very broad and competitive, so let’s niche down.

If you’re in the health business, you would want to improve someone’s health. 

If you’re in the sales/marketing business you would want to help business owners grow and expand their business to show them what’s possible.

And if you’re in the personal development business you want people to better themselves through your guidance.

There are so many niches but the one commonality between all of them is they’re helping individuals.

So if you want to help people, that part of your passion needs to be decided.

But how exactly you want to help them is when you’ll find your true passion.

For example, are there any hobbies or activities you’ve been obsessed with your whole life? Help other people with that subject.

Is there a life changing event that happened to you? Create a product or service around that. 

Do something you love to do and believe me when I say (as a marketer) there is always a way to make money with it.


Solidify Belief for Sales 

Too many entrepreneurs get into a career because of the money that appears to be available in it.

But I can tell you most times there are just really good marketing tactics involved for you to believe that.

Instead history has proved those passionate about what they love become the most successful, and build the most successful empires.

If you really want to increase your sales indefinitely find a burning passion, believe in your product or service, be confident it provides massive value and money will tag along with it.

But when you choose the quick buck route then no one can promise success, only frustration and difficulties with a hope you can afford a team of passionate employees who do believe in your product or service.

No one said entrepreneurship was easy, in fact people constantly remind you how difficult it is all the time, but if you know you have passion and believe in your product then it won’t feel like an empty pursuit because it’s your purpose.

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