The Simple Overlooked Formula to Sales

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There’s a simple but overlooked formula to sales which also helps in the overall growth of a business.



If you google “how to make more sales” you’ll see there are over 3 billion results.


I don’t know about you, but no one has time to look through 3 billion search results for such a simple answer.

And yes, I do truly believe there is a simple answer from this overlooked formula that’s been around for years.

In fact, it’s something I myself have been practicing and teaching for years.


Your Knowledge


It all starts with deciding what kind of knowledge you have to offer someone.

What are you an expert in? 

What’s 1 thing related to your business that you would feel confident going up to someone saying, “This has 100% worked for me, and it could definitely work for you.”

It could be your knowledge on taxes, marketing, sales techniques, or whichever niche you’re in.

That point is you can supply someone else with valuable knowledge you’re confident in.



And before you start wondering where the actual sales come in, don’t worry we’re getting there, but there’s a few things to understand first.

For example, the knowledge you decide to share with others will naturally turn you into an authority figure. 

But this knowledge also does 1 thing… it provides something people desperately need before they take any kind of action on a sale.


Knowledge = Value


Before anyone takes any kind of action there’s always one factor that anyone can find and this is the commonly overlooked piece of the formula.


Providing someone value before you deliver the sales pitch or send them to a sales page is the most overlooked step in the sales process because it doesn’t sound as sexy as “making millions of dollars.”

Yes, sales techniques and money are attractive and necessary for any business, but just like anything else, business owners need to know how to get there, and that’s what providing value does!

Providing value is the action of sharing the knowledge you’ve become an expert in so others feel as if they owe you now.



That’s why it’s so important to have confidence in the knowledge for your niche.

The more confident you are in the things you share with others, the more of an authority you will present yourself as.

So whenever they need someone to go to for advice or services they go to you.

Or whenever you’ve targeted them enough through your advertising, they trust you to go to, and so the sales cycle begins and closes become a lot easier.

The more knowledge you have, the more value you can provide, and the more sales will come your way.


Value = Sales


But there’s a specific word for why people buy from you, and it comes back to them believing they owe you since they feel out of exchange, and the word that describes this is: Reciprocity.

Reciprocity is the mutual exchange in a relationship.

So if someone felt like they fell out of exchange then they’d want to get back in exchange (pay you back somehow).

That’s what providing tremendous amounts of value does.

It allows you to over deliver and make someone feel as if they owe you something, AKA buying a product or service from you.



And don’t mistake this for manipulation either, there’s a difference between manipulation and truly believing in what you’re providing with the intention of helping others.

That’s why when you see the most successful business owners, they’re always over delivering on some aspect whether it’s with their customers or business relationships allowing them to open the doors to more opportunities (sales).

The formula is simple and overlooked, value = sales.

You just need to decide what is the value you can over deliver on most!

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