The Fuel For Explosive Business Growth

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It’s every business’s dream to reach unknown heights for the industry they’re in.

To reach a point they surpass their competitors and create better problems for themselves.

Better problems?? Yes, let me explain…

One day we had a very special guest in my Marketing Agency, AGM.

This special guest’s name was Steve Spray, and he is one of Grant Cardone’s long-time team members. 

Steve has been with Grant for over 9 years, back when Cardone’s company only had 7 people (they’re now up to about 800).

So going from 7 to 800 team members in 9 years is super impressive growth.

And the only way you can have that kind of explosive growth is with solid ethics and systems.

But one of the golden nuggets Steve left us with is this…


Get Better Problems!

Steve told us one of the greatest ways to increase your growth is to get better problems.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “Get Better Problems?! What does that even mean?”

And the truth is, it can mean something different to everyone.

It will even continue to be different for you as you expand as a person and business owner.

Let me give you some examples…

  • – A better problem to have than not enough leads for your business would be: Having so many leads coming in you need to hire more salespeople. 
  • – A better problem to have than not closing enough sales would be: Your salespeople closing so many deals you need to hire more people to fulfill your service.
  • – Needing to get a larger space for your business. 

Maybe you don’t offer a service, maybe you have a retail or e-commerce business.

So for you, better problems might look like: products quickly selling out so having to order more.

Then by ordering more you get a lower cost per item, now this means making more money per product sale. 


Here To Stay


If you haven’t noticed, problems never go away, they just get better!

So when someone goes from broke to rich, they have to go through broke problems like trying to find something to eat: The $1 Menu Cheeseburger.

But when they become rich they have to deal with lawsuits, paparazzi, time management, etc.!

So problems never go away, they just get better depending on how you look at them.

I know I’d take a time management problem over trying to find money for a cheeseburger any day of the week.

And as our problems begin to change it becomes the fuel to grow and explode our businesses.

You may have heard the expression “Growing Pains” before and that’s exactly what happens when businesses expand, they go through growing pains caused by better problems!


Upgrading Your Problems


The first step to having these better problems is getting more attention. 

And you can always find help that comes in several different levels to acquire more attention.

You can learn from free content, buy courses, join done-with-you marketing programs or get all your marketing taken care of for your business. 

Whichever one you choose, you need to fully lean into it.


Then use each of those levels as a stepping stone to the next one.

If that makes sense then you might want some guidance on which of those levels you should start on.

And I’d invite you to hop on a video chat with one of our marketing consultants to give you that next best step to take.

But if that isn’t your cup of tea and you aren’t ready for expansion or growth, I encourage you to sit down and ask yourself when you will be.

The landscape is more and more competitive as the days go by so one of the only things we can do is start with giving ourselves better problems!

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