What Every Business Needs Before It Starts Accumulating Serious Money

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Every business needs one essential thing before it starts accumulating serious money, and it can only be provided by other people.

If people don’t give you it, a business will never start generating what they call life-changing money.

Let me tell you a quick story that will help explain…

At some point, I was talking with my team in the office.

And an important idea kept re-entering my mind that I will share with you in a minute, but it is vital that you know and understand.

This idea is so important that we’ve made it our #1 mission and purpose we provide all of our clients at my agency.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling products online. Services in-person. Or consulting over the phone.

You must have this.

Without it you’ll never be able to build the trust that leads to sales with people.

So what does every business need?


This is something I first realized years ago while talking with my father.

At the time, I was helping him move his advertising from the T.V. to the internet.
Facebook advertising to be more specific.

We got to be able to grab people’s attention long enough for them to hear our message.

And our message made enough of an impact that people remembered us the next time they saw our ads.

Why is that important?

Because, on average, people need to see you 20 – 30 times before they’ll consider doing business with you.

It takes that kind of repetition for people to start building a connection with you.

To build enough trust that they’re willing to give you an opportunity to make them an offer. An offer that could improve an important aspect of their lives.

And if you’re anything like me that’s all you want.

An opportunity to improve lives.

Because when you improve lives, money always seems to follow closely behind.

For example, we offer our clients a Catapult Ranking System for their Amazon products so they grab MASSIVE Attention.

It’s essentially a service to rank keywords for Amazon products.

Here you can see we started at position 137 for the client and finished at position number 2 in the search rankings.

But we also got our client 3 Amazon Best Seller Badges which are worth gold:

We do this with a complex system I created years ago, but this is the kind of attention I’m talking about.

Attention flows in many different ways, so finding the most effective way is very important whether it’s on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Google or YouTube.

And that’s what my marketing agency specializes in, even if it’s lead generation you’re looking for:

Each and every one of those leads are people waiting to buy from you at some point in time!
So you’re probably wondering what this has to do with you?

Well, everyone needs attention whether they’re just starting out or reaching a new level of profits in business.

But if you know someone that would benefit from massive attention grabbing services, reach out to us.
We help businesses grab attention so they can start getting serious money.

Schedule a call: https://scale.agmagency.com/help-business-page

Give us a call: (888) 280-3339


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