The 3 Marketing Languages

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The 3 Marketing Languages

Just as you adjust your language and communication style when you’re speaking to your parents, friends, and loved ones you need to do the same with the people you’re marketing and selling to. 

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Your Potential Audiences Fit Into One Of These Three Categories: 

✔︎ Cold audiences

✔︎ Warm audiences

✔︎ Hot audiences

Each of these audiences are at a different place in the decision making process. This means you need to match your message to the place they’re in. 

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Cold audiences know nothing about who you are or what you do

They only know there’s a problem to solve or a desire to fulfill. 

And many times they’re unaware a solution even exists.

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Warm audiences know there is a solution to their problem or a way to fulfill their desire, but they often don’t know where to get these solutions. 

Or, they may know that you exist and they may even follow your social media but they still aren’t ready to buy yet

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Hot audiences know all about you and how you help. It’s even possible they may have bought something from you already. Now they love you and are willing to buy all of your products and services. You might also call these people Raving Fans.

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I hope this gives you a little more insight into how you can talk to people at each of there decision making places. 

Regardless if you have 1 product or service or 1000’s you’ll want to have multiple ways to get these different audiences to the same end result. 

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