Facebook Marketing:12 Reasons You Need to Start NOW

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I think we both know why you’re here.

Your previous advertisement platform didn’t work or it failed to provide your desired results.

The same cause forced me to search for something else more effective many years ago.

I’ve been stuck on, even super obsessed with Facebook Marketing for quite some time now. And for good reason.

The fact is that I was able to generate 180 million dollars in product sales in just a short 5 years period! All because of the Facebook marketing knowledge I’ve obtained.

With that qualification out of the way let me share with you 12 reasons you start using Facebook marketing now in your business.


1. 96% of US Citizens have Cell Phones


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“Okay great! What does that mean for me?”

In the USA alone 96% of Americans have mobile devices (Pew Research Center). Not to mention the 3.6 billion people around the globe who now estimated to be carrying smartphones (bankmycell).

A study done in 2018, by OuterBox, showed that 79% of smartphone users also made purchases online using their mobile phones.

By reaching people on their mobile devices, which Facebook makes easy for you, as well as on their desktops and laptops and become omnipresent to your audience.

There is a sea of people out there constantly consuming content and looking for valuable information and it’s your job to put your message in front of them.


2. Facebook Advertising Just Got Started


You know…

If I could go back in time, let’s say to 2002 when Google Ads just started, I would definitely invest every single penny that I can find into their advertising platform. 

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Why? Because they were the giant of advertising until around 2010.

Facebook is now that giant of advertising. They have figured out how to ride the opportunity wave with their ability to help you reach your EXACT AUDIENCE whenever and wherever they are. They are becoming the new Google!


3. Unbelievably Affordable


Since it just got started, it’s still cheap.

Did you know that with as little as $2 you could buy a thousand views, known as cost per thousand (CPM), for your content? That gives your valuable content a tremendous branding effect.  This is why I say that using Facebook to market your business can allow you to brand yourself the way a big business would, but at only a fraction of the cost.

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4. Content Distribution


You have valuable content to share, but if no one sees your helpful content what good is it?

That was the case with my father before I helped him grow his business. He’s was really good at providing content, although he seemed to be stuck on the small island of Puerto Rico. He used traditional advertising techniques such as T.V., radio, print, and emails.

The results? Over an 18 year period, he accumulated 700,000 email subscribers. That’s a pretty amount of subscribers, but over 18 years? That’s not so great.

But, with my help, in 3 short years using the Facebook advertising platform, my father’s business exploded in revenue and is now in at least 8 different countries. He has almost 1.2 millions subscribers in Messenger and 2.48 million subscribers on Youtube!

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So if you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to distribute your content, Facebook advertising does quite well in that department.


5. Unique Profile


Let me explain what I mean by unique profiles.

If you have a computer in the living room of your house that is accessible by everyone, even kids and guests, and you’re signed in to a Gmail account that they are borrowing it to watch videos or to search for things, the user data will be totally random and skewed.

I honestly believe that search engines such as Gmail and Youtube can’t provide business owners and marketers like us with the unique user demographics we need to pinpoint our target audiences.

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In contrast, the information on Facebook is the USER’s data, ‘coz who shares Facebook passwords? I sure don’t, not even with my wife.

Facebook’s information about people’s interests is based on the user’s own individual likes and interests. So, the audiences you chose based on those likes and interests are certainly a match!


6. Retargeting


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Let’s say you have found your perfect audience that converts. People that are really passionate about your content and the nature of your products and services.

Well, Facebook can find you similar audiences to those you had such success with by creating lookalike audiences based on…you guessed it. The likes and interests of your current audience.

Are you starting to see why I love this advertising platform so much?


7. Facebook and Instagram


In 2010, a new social network came along and started stealing attention away from Facebook. Enter Instagram.

That’s why in 2012, Facebook made Instagram an offer they couldn’t refuse. Facebook offered to buy this new company for $1 billion and they took it.

But, since then Instagram has grown over 102x bigger than that! It’s now worth ALMOST $102 BILLION (mediakix).

Now the 2 social media juggernauts work together like peanut butter and jelly. Once you get inside the Facebook business manager you can run campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram from the single dashboard.

Facebook and Instagram campaigns can use the same photos and videos across both platforms with only slight if any, alterations. Or you can run unique creatives for each.

When you’re ready to use Facebook and Instagram ads together, either add Instagram to an existing campaign by editing the ad set’s Placement settings or set up a new campaign across both platforms.

Facebook and Instagram icon


8. Facebook has Messenger


At first, it’s hard to imagine why Facebook separated its messaging platform and turned it into a different app, the Messenger.

But, I can confidently say that this was a smart decision. Messenger alone has created billions of dollars for Facebook in a small amount of time. Why?

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Because with the help of software like ManyChat, Messenger gives you a bot with a human element. One that can pull leads, gather data and build relationships. For more information on Messenger and ManyChat, you can read a separate blog about them that here.


9. Traffic, traffic, traffic


Facebook, Instagram, Messenger icon with number of billion users

That’s a total of 4 billion users within your reach.

Almost half the Earth’s population. Facebook and its family of apps dominate the online world. Who knows, maybe in the next few years, almost a hundred percent of the population will have it.

So what’s stopping you from using the advertising platform that will soon rule the world? Lack of skills or knowledge? I can help you with that.

With the combination of this massive traffic and conversion techniques I share in this blog, you’ll be well on your way to online success for your business.


10. The Branding Effect


There is a superabundance of people using the Facebook platform daily, almost 200 million in the USA alone. 

girl lying down holding a phone with

Imagine if they see your product on a regular basis.  That could create a tremendous branding effect. How?

Regardless if they need your product or service now or later, the branding effect helps get you and your business stuck people’s minds.

One way this can happen is by using techniques like ad retargeting. Sooner or later when they have a problem and your product is the solution, if you’ve stayed top of mind through advertising and nurturing your chances of being the goto choice are pretty good.


11. Helps You Provide Value


Successful Facebook marketers don’t focus on sell, sell, and sell. 

They concentrate on how their product will make a difference and create an impact on the world.

So, if that’s your main goal too, Facebook marketing is for you.

girl holding a small bottle of capsules

One of the simplest ways I provide a positive impact on the world is by delivering free education in the form of tips, surveys, and quizzes on Messenger. Why do I rely on Messenger so much? Check out reason #12. 


12. High Open Rates


Messenger often sees open rates of around 90%.

Wouldn’t you agree that’s pretty good? 

With this pandemic going on, people are settled in at home, and browsing social media has become the national pastime. Even without the current viral challenge, whenever there’s a Messenger notification people tend to open it up.

These high open rates make your nurture communications much more effective than plain email that can only boost an average open rate of around 15%.

There you have it, 12 reasons you should start using Facebook to market your business now.

Tell me in the comment section below which of these 12 reasons makes you want to start using Facebook to market your business?

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See you next time. 

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