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The Secret Sauce to Successful Facebook Ads is Proper Targeting


Let me guess…

Your Facebook ads aren’t converting the way you hoped.

And you’re not getting enough new and repeat clients, customers, or patients into your business for sustainable growth. 

I get it.

It’s a total pain in the backside. Sometimes, the frustration even makes you want to pull your hair out. This, my friend, is the roller coaster life we’ve chosen as business owners and entrepreneurs. I see it all the time with prospects and clients at my agency, AGM Marketing, and I’ve most definitely gone through it myself over the years.

So, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Luckily, there’s a simple skill that can help you overcome your issues of attracting people into your business. That skill is finding your ideal audience through Facebook ad targeting.

Let me ask you a question… 

What happens if you don’t improve your Facebook ad targeting?

Will you have to go into debt, borrowing money to pay your bills? Would you have to let go of employees that you care about? What if you had to close down the whole business?

Pretty scary thoughts, right?

Business life doesn’t have to be such a feast or famine experience. If you are very clear about who your ideal audience is and how you help them I can pretty much guarantee that you can find them on Facebook.

In fact…

…recent statistics show that there are more than 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook. So, with numbers like that, do you think you can find your ideal audience?

The reason so many people struggle with Facebook ads is bad targeting.

To solve this problem, you must first start by knowing as much as possible about your ideal audience. In fact, it might help to think about who your ideal client, customer, or patient is instead of thinking in terms of audience.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How old are they?
  • Are they a man, woman, or do they prefer not to answer that?
  • Are they in a relationship? If so, what kind? 
  • Do they live in a specific area?
  • Does your ideal person watch T.V.? What are their favorite shows?
  • Are there celebrities, influencers, or personalities they like to follow?

Here’s a powerful question to ask yourself.

What will make your ideal person stop scrolling through the Facebook or Instagram feed and look at your ad?

By the way, those bullet points above are by no means an exhaustive list of questions or personality traits you can focus on, but it will get you headed in the right direction.


The Facebook audience insight tool is a great place to start your research.

Maybe you’re not sure about the answers to some of the questions above when it comes to ages, locations, man, woman, or relationship status. But, you know your ideal person likes certain things. If this is the case, you can do further research with the Facebook Audience Insight tool.

Let’s say your ideal person likes fishing for example. Go to Facebook’s Audience Insights page and type in fishing in the Interest space on the left-hand side of the page.

Click on demographics at the top of the page and we see that 57% of men on Facebook like fishing compared to 43% of women. The two most populated age ranges are 25-34 and 35-44, with the 45-64 year old categories coming in a close second.

You can see that 56% of people who like fishing are married and 59% of them have some college education.

Now, click on the Page Likes tab. We can see the top 10 categories and pages that fishing people like. This includes helpful information on highly connected brands, stores, and personalities that our fishing people enjoy following.

A look at the Location tab shows us areas that our selected people are more likely to be concentrated in.

The Activity tab can also give us some great information. Here you can see how likely our fishing fans are to click on ads compared to the rest of Facebook. What type of devices they tend to use and how active they are with the pages they like. 

So, if all you knew at the beginning of this trip into the Audience Insight tool is that your ideal person liked fishing, you now have a much more detailed profile.

You could now say that your ideal person is a man between the ages of 25-54 who is married, likes to shop at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, uses his iPhone to interact with social media, and is more than likely someone who makes online purchases.

That’s much better than what we started with, don’t you think?

At this point, you may be asking, “Now that I’ve got this information, what do I do with it?”


Head over to the Facebook ads manager.


You’ll find the Facebook ads manager inside the Facebook business manager, located at

This is where you’ll start creating your ad campaign.  When you start to create a new ad campaign, you’ll see three primary options to choose from.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

These three choices line up with the three stages of a marketing funnel known as:

  • TOFU – Top-of-funnel
  • MOFU – Middle-of-funnel
  • BOFU – Bottom-of-funnel


Defining the three stages of a marketing funnel.


The first stage of the funnel is the awareness stage or top-of-funnel. In this stage, you are getting out of obscurity so that your ideal people are starting to see your brand and your message.

The second stage of the funnel is the consideration stage or middle-of-funnel. Here you’re beginning the process of retargeting and remarketing to the portion of your ideal audience that has interacted with you and your brand in some way. 

The third stage of the funnel is the conversion stage or bottom-of-funnel. By this point, most of the “tire kickers” have dropped out of your funnel leaving the people who are most interested in what you have to say and offer. 

Based on those definitions, let’s figure out where our example audience of fishing fans fall.

When you create an audience the way we did above, it’s what we call a core audience. 

This core audience is often associated with TOFU or top-of-funnel marketing. If you think about it, at this level of our marketing funnel we’re doing exactly what our example audience of fishing fans do. We are casting a wide net and testing different bait to get the most people to interact with us. 

This is one of the most important aspects of Facebook ads targeting, knowing where to start. I mean, our fans of fishing aren’t going to throw their nets and bait on dry land, right? No way! There are no fish on the dry land.

The same goes for our TOFU targeting. If we just throw our marketing net and bait on to the equivalent of dry marketing land, we would be fools. Remember, you should only fish where there are fish. So, when you start your marketing with the right core audience you’ll begin attracting the right people. 

And attracting the right people through your core audience is where your success begins. Trust me, I know this to be true from first hand experience. 


This process literally made me millions of dollars.


I know this process works because I used it to lift myself and my family out of bankruptcy about 10 years ago to the comfortable living we enjoy today.

I also use this process inside my agency every day with clients and it’s how I train my staff and students.

This process has helped me win awards for selling over a million dollars worth of my own digital training course and I used it, combined with other tactics, to earn a V.I.P. client over $10 million dollars in a one year period


Are you ready to learn how to target the right people with your Facebook ads?

As you read at the beginning of this article the skill of targeting the right people with your Facebook ads will be a key to the vitality of your business.

Even though the TOFU marketing is extremely important it’s just the beginning of the journey for your client, customer, or patient. The second and third stages of the funnel are where people learn to trust you and then invest money into your solutions.

Then the real work begins.

You’ve got to maintain a healthy relationship with the people who invested their money with you. You’ll want to reassure them that they made the right decision and give them more reasons to get further help from you in the future.

You might even be feeling like that right now. You could be thinking, “This has been a great article, full of helpful information.” If you do feel like that, then…


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See you next time.

P.S. Leave me a comment below and tell me which part of this article you found most helpful.

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