This is a powerful interview with one of my favorite people in the world Dr. Eric Berg. He happens to be one of my best clients and a true social media celebrity. I ask Dr. Berg questions on what it takes to become a star, the correct estimation of effort and the required formula to create an impact through content. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Podcast File

An Interview With Social Media Superstar Dr. Eric Berg

Podcast Transcription

Manuel: Hey guys! So I’m here with a very special guest that all of you guys are familiar with. Two weeks ago I had my dad here and I interviewed him in the subject of creating content and helping people and making a difference in this world and I have somebody who is a big superstar right now that you guys know. He’s on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram, all over the place that is really changing the world, Dr. Berg. He came to visit me unexpectedly today, it was a surprise. Hey, I’m here to visit you guys! And I wanted to basically interview him quickly so he can talk a little bit about his purpose behind doing all the content that he does, his education and how he has used this to really change the world. So, Dr. Berg, the first question will be, to these guys, I would ask you if you want to tell them a little about yourself first, most of this guys know who you are but in case they don’t, you want to tell them a little bit of who you are and what you do?

Dr. Berg: Sure. Hi guys! So, my name is Dr. Berg. I pretty much focus on social media to get out the message on a very specific thing called the Ketogenic Diet. And we do something called the healthy ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. And so, Manuel has helped me to take that to the next level and so I’m going to share with you some of the things that we’re doing and why we’re doing them and how it’s working if you like to know. If you would like to know just comment down below and let’s see if you’re interested in that. Would you guys like to know?

Manuel: Alright. So Dinah says I have so many mom friends who I see talking about you Dr. Berg. Okay, great. So, I’ll ask you a question, Dr. Berg. When you do all these content, what is the reason behind there? Or what is your intention and doing all these stuff for them?

Dr. Berg: Well, first of all, I just have this obsession to help everyone on the planet like hardcore. That’s like my intention to help them with better and better and better technology. So all day long, Manuel, what I do is I research and then put out content in a way that is unique, making it really simple. So jumping on the social media allows me to get attention from a lot of people. And so, if the content is good, people listen to. So I track a lot of attention because the true purpose is to help people. And so, a lot of people say, “Well, how do you get people to believe you?” I said, “Well you just tell them the truth. You tell them the truth, you come up with the technology that is pure truth.” The essence of like for example with what I do with my thing which is healthy weight loss which is basically healthy ketosis and that’s basically a state in getting to fat burning. So I’ve taken that so in-depth as far as confusions people have, a better understanding. So if you take here niche or whatever you do, and you just analyze it to the point where you can give more and more understanding, more and more awareness, more and more value to people, and then what happens is that they are going to follow you, they’re going to have realizations. So the whole goal with me is to take someone from confusion to understanding especially in the area of the body. There are more pieces of information, more confusions and any other topic that I can even imagine. So, it’s really fun to get people to have these aha moments, the sudden understandings and then to see the results are just incredible. So, I have this obsession that I have to help people or I’m completely depressed or miserable. So, what drives me is just helping more and more people. So, it’s kind of like an addiction I have. When I help someone, it’s like almost a therapy for me because I’m actually being helped as I’m helping someone. So, if you are in whatever you’re in, if you could find something that is so valuable that can help people and you get behind it, it should flow and then you’ll be able to just focus on that and you build up your social media or whatever you’re doing.

Manuel: Awesome stuff. So here’s a question for you Dr. Berg. When you started doing all these content, did it all happen overnight? Like the first three months, you started getting all these attention? Or what is the estimation of effort to really start creating an impact and helping people start noticing you and helping a lot of more people?

Dr. Berg: Well, it’s one of those things. I was just lucky. Overnight it happened just like that.

Manuel: Exactly.

Dr. Berg: No. No. It did not happen overnight. It’s something called blood, sweat, and tears.

Manuel: Exactly.

Dr. Berg: What I did is I just started being over there a lot more, being over to the other person’s viewpoint, listening to people. I exchange with people my comments. So we have about 500,000 new views on YouTube every single day so I’m reading these comments on a continuous basis. And I’m like, “Wow! That’s what you’re interested in? Okay, I’m going to focus on that.” Because sometimes, I’m so stocked in my own viewpoint in my head that I was over there. When I started being over there and listening to people and really engaging with them, that something started to take off. You can pretty much, you have like things that you do in a given day that are raised $10 an hour type of jobs. And then there are things that you can do that are worth $10,000 an hour and you want to delegate some of the other stuff so you can focus on the most important things. That’s what I’m trying to say. Like creating the high-end value for people that are watching you, things that are life-changing blockbuster content, that’s what I focus on. Like I’ll come up with an idea. To come up with an idea, you need space. So of course in the shower, I get the best ideas. I don’t know why it is.

Manuel: It’s a weird thing.

Dr. Berg: It’s like a stress releasing thing and I get these ideas. And I was like, “Wow! Yeah!” And then, Okay! I’m going to do this video, that video, and then I’ll start to do research on it and it takes like hours and hours and hours to come up with a research for a 3-minute video that I then put out there and then if it resonates with people, I’ll get like 60,000 views in the first day. But the whole point is to don’t get bugged down by all the things that kind of stress you out. Stay in this create mode, create, create, create, every single day. Keep creating and increase the frequency of creating. So, I put out 2 videos a day. You get momentum with that.

Manuel: So, you guys get that? Two videos every single day.

Dr. Berg: Blockbuster videos like really high quality. So I put the time in now. I actually get up at 5:30 and I work on weekends but I’m really not working, I would do this as a hobby. I love doing it. So there’s momentum and then you just keep finding ways to widen the sphere of spaces, you know? You have this thing that you do and then you find ways of like other platforms where I am doing a podcast now. We’re going to do Pinterest. But I’m not going to do those all at once, I’m just focused at one. I’m focused on YouTube and I’ll just take from there and keep expanding it to different platforms.

Manuel: Does it get easier with time?

Dr. Berg: Well, what happens is you get this critical mass where you get this nice viral growth. If you connect with the things that users are interested in and you’re delivering it, and you get a little bit of quantity, and then you start getting this nice trend and then things start like expanding exponentially. So it took us 7 years to hit a hundred million views but it took us less than 6 months or maybe 4 months to hit almost 200 million views. So it does compound once you get the higher numbers.

Manuel: Absolutely. So you guys have it. I mean in reality, like Dr. Berg said, blood, sweat and tear, I can tell you that I’ve seen him how he does this nonstop. He does two videos per day but not only that, he also has an Instagram video every single day, he also has blog posts going on all the time, he has Facebook lives and YouTube lives every single week. I mean, it’s the consistency. That’s what it takes. So there’s no magical pill. In the end, you’ve got to put in the work. And when you put in the work, great things happen and it does improve with time. So there you have it. Dr. Berg, anything else you want to say?

Dr. Berg: Yeah. One last thing. This is like the most important thing right here is to make sure that your product is exchangeable to the extreme. In other words, really evaluate what you’re putting out there. Is it really making a difference? Is it exchangeable? Are you getting people that don’t like it or not accepting it, or refunds, or whatever it is, a high level exchange? There are some things that I had in the past that were like membership licenses that weren’t exchangeable to people and people are like this isn’t really helping me, so I did kind of dumped that. So, really evaluate is your product exchangeable with people? Give them way more benefit than they’re giving you.

Manuel: Are you making other people’s lives better?

Dr. Berg: To the extreme. So, what I focus on all week long is how to help people take the bar and I would help them bring it up and up because it’s just no better feeling. I keep creative in finding out ways to help people. That’s what my successful action is. And it builds goodwill and they love it. And, I’m not about the sell, the selling part. And, they’ll buy my things because I help them. But that’s not my mission. It’s to help them.

Manuel: Right. There you go. And here’s the final question I’m going to ask Dr. Berg because I am obviously a teacher and I have a course, and I teach people about marketing, right? And, this is a big question. Doc., how do you get to a point in which you convince yourself to get in front of a camera and start talking to people even though at first, nobody’s watching? How do you actually man up to be like “I’m going to start doing this” What’s the starting point on that?

Dr. Berg: Like if you’re starting out from scratch?

Manuel: Because at some point you were, scratch.

Dr. Berg: It’s very, very, very, very difficult to talk to one person or two people at some type of room. Like to send a YouTube video and you’re getting like 6 views? You could really easily go in a severe depression. So, what you want to do is you’re going to create higher level content with things that are more interesting to people to get some attention and you probably going to have to pay for some things to boost you or ally with other people to raise your status. But, I will say this, it is extremely depressing and very, very difficult in the very, very beginning and it gets a lot easier as you get bigger. Yeah. That’s the hardest hump, it’s getting started in that very beginning part because you know, it’s like I’m not getting anyone watching my videos and I have that happened to me for quite a few years. But, just keep putting out content, finding ways to get it out there and all of a sudden, it will hit a critical mass. But, everyone goes through that – the pain of like everyone ignoring you.

Manuel: Why don’t you tell them the story about what happened to you somewhere in Italy that you were sightseeing then this lady was watching one of your videos?

Dr. Berg: Well, I was recently in Italy. In Rome, there are millions and millions all over the place. We walked ten miles a day. So we went to the coliseum and there’s like massive people everywhere, right? So we get in line in the tour and we’re getting in this coliseum. I looked over the girl in front of me in her cellphone watching the video of me, one of my videos. So I lean me head over and she just almost fainted and so what happens when you actually start getting your YouTube videos out there, you’re going to be shocked. People, they’re going to be everywhere in the world, they’re going to find you. So it’s pretty interesting. Everywhere I go, I’m like, I’ll be walking on the streets, some will stop their car, some elevator, I’ll be in some pool, with a glass in the hand, something like that. So yeah, the word definitely gets out. It’s pretty interesting.

Manuel: And how do you think about Facebook, Doc.? Has Facebook done good for you?

Dr. Berg: Facebook is where everyone hangs out and that’s where you want to be because that’s where people go. So, there’s a lot of people there. You know, you can either entertain people or help people. My whole thing is helping. I have this thing about helping so there’s a lot of people that go to YouTube and they watch the videos to find techniques or ways to lose weight and that’s pretty much my focus. So yeah, I like Youtube, I like Messenger, Instagram, but mainly on YouTube.

Manuel: Awesome. Fantastic. Alright, Dr. Berg. Thank you for your time.

Dr. Berg: Sure.

Manuel: The people are going to take a lot from it. And well guys, that’s it for the interview with the YouTube and Facebook star Dr. Berg. Talk to you guys later.

Dr. Berg: See you guys.

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the podcast!
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